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'Bibliopole' (pseudonym) George John Pettit: A Memoir BS24THIN04A
'English Electric' 'English Electric' 'C' Cores: A Handbook for Designers of Transformers for the Electric Industry BS57RING208
Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe [Tour Programme] BS109THN08B
Archaeologica Cantiana, Being Contributions to the History and Archaeology of Kent, Volume CXI (Allen Grove Memorial Volume) AR7GLBL168
Asian Art: The Second Hali Annual CAT00224
Baltiskt silver i svensk ägo AR1SLM161016A
Black Book AR 100 Award Show, 1995 CAT00110
British Standard Alphabetical Arrangement (British Standards 1749) bs18slim1219
Buick Automobiles 1947-60 Q13WHBK2339A
Chen Shi Min: Selected and Current Works CAT00186
Garden Pool Construction (Ditchfield's Little Wonder Book) 6699
Gary Moore: After the War [Tour Programme] BS109THIN30A
German Polish Dialogue: Letters of the Polish and German Bishops and International Statements Q4WH64X
H.M.A.S. Mk. III. Written and Prepared by Serving Personnel of the R.A.N. CAT00162
Hispanic Society of America Handbook: Museum and Library Collections BSANTGLTBRN191007
Independent Order of Odd Fellows Manchester Unity Friendly Society July 1944 Report ABE-1182270222
Islamic Art in the Kuwait National Museum : The Al-Sabah Collection [in Arabic] bs19gldbrn1919
Joint Services Recognition Journal Volume 9 - 1954 BSMILGLTREDISR1
Kelly's Handbook to the Titled, Landed and Official Classes 1929 CAT00263
Lloyd's Nautical Yearbook and Calendar 1979 BSNAUGLTBLU171107B
Modern Slavic Literatures : Volume 1 Russian Literature bs9gltblk339
Notion of Conflict : Selection of Contemporary Canadian Art BSARTBLKWHT2402
Nouveau Paroissien, Contenant l'Office des Dimanches et Fetes, en Latin et en Francais. Q2GLTRED0705
Pandas Playtime MC0839
Peicvla, Genesin Carbonis Pvri, Qvem Carbonicvm Vocant, in Plantis Vegetantibvs Investigantia Q29THIN07D
Permissible Additions to and Deviations from the Service Books of the Scottish Church as Canonically Sanctioned Q2BLKNOLETSLIM
Storage Projects for the Router: The Best of "The Router" Magazine CATS0036
Strand Magazine Vol 11 CAT00364
Tangerine Dream - U.K. 1990 Tour Programme [Tour Programme] BS118THN30A
The Amateur Radio Handbook CATTEC2408A
The Army of the Sutlej 1845-6 Casualty Roll Q2SLIM10217A
The Beloved Entertainer: Elvis Costello: Spike UK Tour 1989 [Tour Programme] BS118THINA
The Blues Band: Fat City [Tour Programme] BS118THNA
The Form and Manner of Making of Deacons, and Ordering of Priests, According to the use of the Church of England. Q2LEATHNOLET0105
The Green Vault: An Introduction MC1856
The Twentieth AOP Awards 2003: The Association of Photographers CAT00396
The Vistor or the Monthly Instructor for 1849 CAT00696
Treasures of Spanish Art CAT00089
Wills of the Archdeaconry of Sudbury, 1439-1474: Wills from the Register `Baldwyne', Part II: 1461-1474 (Suffolk Records Society) Q16WHBU19517
Wills of the Archdeaconry of Sudbury, 1630-1635 Q3BLKGRN130608B
Wills of the Archdeaconry of Sudbury, 1630-1635 Q3BLKGRN130608C
Wills of the Archdeaconry of Sudbury, 1636-1638 BS7BLKWHT1706
ZZ Top: Antenna World Tour [Tour Programme] BS109THIN8B
"Follow Through" [ J. Sawyer-Shaw ] The Essence of Golf P14BLUE2404
"Frank Danby" [Julia Frankau] Mothers and Children: Hitherto Unpublished Stories BS65GLTBL106
"Popular Woodworking" Magazine World's Best Storage and Shelving Projects, The CATS0025
(Grini) Bratlie, Gunnar Skisser I Smug: Glimt Fra Livet Pa Grini BS124BNTANA
[ Bennett, Andrew ] The Book of St. Andrews Links, Containing Plan of Golf Courses, Descriptions of the Greens, Rules of the Game, By-Laws of the Links, Regulations for Starting, Golfing Rhymes etc. Q13SLIP2039
[Bulwer Lytton] Eugene Aram: A Tale in Three Volumes [3 Volume set] AR12GLTBK11
[By Andreas Andersen] A Tour in Zealand in the Year 1802; with an Historical Sketch of the Battle of Copenhagen R5BLKBLU3004
[By Craig, Archibald, Sir] The Elder Park, Govan: An Account of the Gift of the Elder Park and of the Erection and Unveiling of the Statue of John Elder: With Notices of the Lives of David Elder and John Elder and Historical Sketches of Govan BS18GLTRD107
[By Dobson, (Susannah), Mrs.] Historical Anecdotes of Heraldry and Chivalry, Tending to Shew the Origin of Many English and Foreign Coats of Arms, Circumstances and Customs R37GLTBRN25I
[By Johnson, Samuel] A Journey to the Western Islands of Scotland BS26GLTBRN07
[Charles, Elizabeth] Diary of Mrs. Kitty Trevylyan: A Story of the Times of Whitefield and the Wesleys BS60GLTPUR04
[Cox, Thomas] Hertfordshire [Pp. 965-1041 of 'Magna Brittania Antiqua & Nova: Or, a New, Exact, Comprehensive Survey of the Ancient and Present State of Great-Britain, Vol. II'] R29GLTBRWN6
[Dix, John Ross] lions: Living and Dead; or, Personal Collections of the "Great and Gifted." BS30BLACK2K
[Duncan Grant]: Duncan Grant by R. Mortimer 329
[Ford, Richard] ; George, Borrow Gatherings from Spain.bound with.The Zincali; or an Account of the Gypsises of Spain BS24GLTBN22I
[Frances Hodgkins]: Frances Hodgkins by Myfanwy Evans 330
[Frederick James Jobson] The Lady's Keepsake; and Maternal Monitor R24GLTGRN256
[George Hume Weatherhead] The Philosophical Rambler: or, the Observations and Adventures of a Pedestrian Tourist Through France and Italy BS100BKBRN13D
[James Milne] The Love Letters of a Husband R42BKBLU22A
[John Timbs] Laconics or the Best Words of the Best Authors [3 Volume set] AR12GLTBN1211
[Kimber, Edward] The New Peerage; or, Ancient and Present State of the Nobility of England, scotland, and Ireland. Containing a Genealogical Account of All the Peers; Whether By Tenure, summons, or Creation.Volume III. Containing the Peerage of Ireland [Volume 3 Only] BS23GLTBN12D
[Malo, Charles] Le Simplon Promenade Pittoresque De Geneve a Milan R14GLTGRN256
[Mueller] Journal of a Soldier of the Seventy-First Regiment, Highland Light Infantry, from 1806 to 1815. Including Particulars of the Battles of Vimeira, Corunna, Vittoria, the pyrennees, Toulouse, and Waterloo P3BROWN27K
[Twysden, R.] Historiae Anglicanae Scriptores X.Ex Vetustis Manuscriptis, Nunc Primum in Lucem Editit: Adjectis Variis Lectionibus, Glossario, Indiceque Copioso R33GLTBRN11
[Vallemont, le Lorraine de.] Curiosities of Nature and Art in Husbandry and Gardening. 8558
[William Clarke] The Boy's Own Book: A Complete Encyclopedia of All the Diversions, Athletic, Scientific, and Recreative, of Boyhood and Youth BS131GLTBRN3
[Young, A.] Rural Oeconomy: or, Essays on the Practical Parts of Husbandry. 9992
A Catholic Gentleman (i.e. Francis John Angus Skeet) Life of Sir Edward Widdrington, Knt., & Baronet of Cartington, in Northumberland: With an account of his piety in the practice of the Catholic faith, his . Widdrington Q19re1899
A E Martin Sinners Never Die MC0303
A J MacSelf Encyclopeadia of Gardening MC0331
A Journalist [Malcolm Stark] Leisure Hours with London Divines R26GLTBRN145
A Lad of Norfolk Visions in Verse 99020
A Monk of the Eastern Church Lee Kuan Yew - A Pictorial Biography Q5BKWT308
A Monk of the Eastern Church On the Invocation of the Name of Jesus R5SLIM10L
A Mother Claudine; or, Humility the Basis of All Virtues - a Swiss Tale BS134GLTBLU87
A Nomad [pseud. Adele Crafton-Smith] Reminiscences of Many Lands: Being Extracts from the Five Years Journal of a Wanderer R31BRBRN2308
A s John Griegs Drivis Og Selfangst MC0311
A. C. H. and Hall, R. Rural Recreations or Modern Farmer's Calendar; and Monthly Instructor. ; Elements of Botany; or an Introduction to the Sexual System of Linnaeus; to Which is Annexed an English Botanical Dictionary [2 Works Bound Into One] 92416
A. E. Ward & Son Ltd. Ward Gemstones [Trade Catalogue] P14SLIM215
A. J. MacSelf The Womens Treasury for Home and Garden MC0326
A. L. O. E. [Tucker, Charlotte Maria] The Cords of Sin: A Tale Q8ORANGE1806
A. M. Louisa Broadhurst; or, First Experiences BS24GLTGRN13H
A. Oakden & Sons A. Oakden & Sons - General Brassfoundry and builders' Ironmongery [Trade Catalogue] P4GLDBRN0302
A., E. Eltham in Part Times R39RED2410
A.A. Thomson and Falkland Cary Murder At The Ministry bs2bkrd227x
A.J.S. Motor Cycles A.J.S. Motor Cycles Instruction Book: Single Cylinder Models 350 cc & 500 cc Model 16 & 18 ; Twin Cylinder Models 500 cc & 650 cc (Model 20 & 31 , CS & CSR) Q25SLIM29311C
aa vv Acta graduum academicorum Gymnasii Patavini ab anno 1501 ad annum 1550 vol. 4 - Index nominum AR1BKBR191016
Abbay, Richard Life, a Mode of Motion or He and I, My Two Selves BS54GREY1604
Abbey, Edward Desert Images: An American Landscape AR18ORGRY30I
Abbott, C.C. Summer Love. 9008
Abbott, Jacob The History of Pyrrhus AR6BROWN0710
Abbott, P. G. ; Nelson, P. M. The Acoustic Performance of Porous Road Surfaces Laid on the M1, Wakefield After 11 Months of Trafficking: Unpublished Report ; H005E: The Acoustical Characteristics of Porous Road Surfaces BS44SPIRAL10C
Abdukarimov, S. ; Avanesov, R. ; Krementsova, A. I. Soviet Uzbekistan R1SLVWHT2604
Abdullah, Achmed Shackled BS116GTBL214
Abe, Mamoru Mamoru Abe P17WHTGRN309
Abe, Mamoru Mamoru Abe: Reflections on My Creative Process P17BLKGRY309
Abercrombie, Lascelles Poetry: Its Music and Meaning R5ORANGE10L
Abercrombie, Patrick; Kelly, Sydney A. East Suffolk Regional Planning Scheme 900093
Abernethy, John The Surgical Works of John Abernethy, F.R.S.: Volume the Second: On Injuries of the Head; Miscellaneous Subjects; Tumours; Lumbar Abscesses: And an Inquiry Into the Probability and Rationality of Mr. Hunter's Theory of Life, Being the Subject of Two. R35GLTBRN269
Ableman, P.: VAC. 2448
Ablett, William H. Arboriculture for Amateurs, Being Instructions for the Planting and Cultivation of Trees for Ornament or Use and Selections and Descriptions of Those Suited to Special Requirements as to Soil, Situation, Etc. AL20GTBR297
Abse, D. Walking Under Water. 9344
Abulafia, David (Editor) The Mediterranean in History AL1CRMBL1909
Ackroyd, Peter Hawksmoor BS0YELPIC29B
Acquaah, George Principles of Plant Genetics and Breeding BS101WHBLU7F
Acton, C.R. (editor). The Dog Annual 1951. Q18gilor3709
Adam Thirlwell Politics. A Novel MC0837
Adam Thorp Pieces of Light MC0927
Adam, Leonhard Art Primitif: Mondes Anciens 3 BS44WHGN0902
Adam, William ; Browne, Isaac Hawkins ; Report from the Committer on Dr. Cartwright's Petition Respecting His Weaving MacHine; Together with the Minutes of Evidence Taken Before the Said Committee BS109THIN8L
Adams, C. D. Flowering Plants of Jamaica BS37GLTOR174
Adams, Ena ; Brooke, Major-General Geoffrey ; Cameron, Captain L. C. R. et al Deer, Hare and Otter Hunting P20GLTBN06J
Adams, Eutace L. Gambler's Throw BS26BLKRED121A
Adams, H. g Beautiful Butterflies: The British Species 120000
Adams, J. B.M. A Brief Guide to Rolls-Royce and Bentley Cars 1925-1955 Q3BOOKLET2006
Adams, L.E The Collector's Manual of British Land and Freshwater Shells 120334
Adams, Peggy ; Drake, Eric ; Carpenter, Maurice Contemporary Norfolk Poets, Series Numbers 1, 2 & 3; Breckland Poems, O Mellow Me, The Black Ballads and the Love Words 99468
Adams, REV. W. The Distant Hills Q2GLTRD23F
Adams, Robert A Portrait in Landscapes [Signed] R37GRNCRM25D
Adams, Thomas K. US Special Operations Forces in Action: The Challenge of Unconventional Warfare Q32WHBK2407
Adams, Valerie An Introduction to Modern English Word-Formation R25WHGRN1110
Adams, W. A. Something About Guns and Shooting Q25GLTGRN176
Adams, W.H.: Grounds for Change. Major Gardens of C20th. 4655
Adderley, James Stephen Remarx: The Story of a Venture in Ethics BS0GLTRD2205
Addison, A. C. ; Matthews, W. H. A Deathless Story or the "Birkenhead" and Its Heroes: Being the Only Full and Authentic Account of the Famous Shipwreck Extant, Founded on Collected Official, Documentary, and Personal Evidence, and Containing the Narratives and Lives of Actors in the. P7BLKBLU0511
Addressograph-Multigraph Corporation Preparing Copy for Camera R27THIN1406
Addy, Catherine Greaves An Hour Worth Living: And a Selection from Other Stories Written Before and During the Great War, with a Few Verses BS35EGLTAN06
Addy, Catherine Greaves An Hour Worth Living: And a Selection from Other Stories Written Before and During the Great War, with a Few Verses BS55GLTBRN07
Addy, Catherine Greaves Little Moonlight BS31GLTBL106
Addy, Catherine Greaves Little Moonlight P10GLTBLU207
Addy, Mary Golden A Miscellany: Sidney Oldall Addy and Family P4GLTTAN0906
Addy, S. O. A Miscellany: Sidney Oldall Addy and Family P19GLDPUR126
Adeler, Max [pseud. Charles Heber Clark] Transformations: Containing Mrs. Shelmire's Djinn, and a Desperate Adventure BS52BKWH2905
Adie, R. H. ; Wood, T. B. Agricultural Chemistry [2 Volume Set] BS51GLTGRN12
Adkin, R.: The Butterflies of Eastbourne. 5706
Adkin, R.: The Moths of Eastbourne, Part I, Sphingids, Bombycids, Noctuids and Geometrids. 5705
Adler, Jeanne Winston Early Days in the Adirondacks: Photographs of Seneca Ray Stoddard CAT00130
Adlerfeld, M. Gustavus The Military History of Charles XII. King of Sweden, Written By the Express Order of His Majesty, By M. Gustavus Adlerfeld, Chamberlain to the King : Vol. III [Volume 3 Only] BSTOPBRNBRN7
Admiralty The Navy List, for January, 1919 Corrected to the18th December, 1918 [5 Volume Set] P0WHTBLU0611
Adrian Vincent Victorian Watercolours (Children) MC1015
Aeolus Teach Yourself Meteorology. MC0835
Aesop. Warren, I. (translator) Fables: Selection 96110
Aflalo, F.G. A Sketch of the Natural History of Australia. 10743
Agar, John B. ; Rose, Dave To Entertain and Serve: The Band of the West Midlands Fire Service, 1984-2004: Birmingham Fire Brigade Band, 1928-1946 BS38GRN2907
Agasiz, Rev. D A Revised List of the Lepidoptera (Moths and Butterflies of the Isles of Scilly 120123
Agate, James A Shorter Ego: Volume Three: Ego 7 - Ego 8 - Ego 9: The Autobiography of James Agate R18GLTPUR122
Agnew, George ; Atkins, Rob ; Bettley, James et al Proceedings of the Suffolk Institute of Archaeology and History: Volume 43, Part 3, 2015 BS36BKPCH20G
Agrawal, Dr. Y. R. A Repertory of Desires and Aversions BS133THIN04
Agrawal, Dr. Y. R. Prophylactics in Homoeopathy BS133SLM0904
Aguesse, P Les Odonates de l' Europe Occidentale, Du Nord de l' Afrique et Des Iles Atlantiques 120128
Agulhon, Maurice The French Republic 1879 - 1992 R12WHTGRY12G
Ahier, Philip The governorship of Sir Walter Raleigh in Jersey, 1600-1603, together with some local Raleghana Q17BKWH141X
Ainger, A. C. Eton in Prose and Verse: An Anthology BS133GLTWHT6
Ainslie, General De Historical Record of the First or the Royal Regiment of Dragoons, Containing an Account of Its Formation in the Reign of King Charles the Second, and of Its Subsequent Services R4WHOR2L
Ainsworth, Robert ; Patrick, Samuel Thesaurus Linguae Latinae Compendiarius: or, a Compendious Dictionary of the Latin Tongue: Designed for the Use of British Nations: In Three Parts. P1GLTBRN23L
Ainsworth, William Harrison The Constable of the Tower: An Historical Romance [Volume 2 Only] R31GLTRED238
Ainsworth, William Harrison The Constable of the Tower: An Historical Romance [Volume 3 Only] R31GLTPNK238
Ainsworth, William Harrison The Spanish Match or Charles Stuart of Madrid [3 Volume Set] R42GLTBRN192
Air Council Air Navigation: Volume I BS58BKBLU293
AIRD, A.: Reminiscences of editors, Reporters, and Printers, During the last Sixty Years. 1409
AITKEN, E.H.: A Naturalist on the Prowl. 770
AITKEN, E.H.: Concerning Animals and Other Matters. 769
AITKEN, E.H.: The Tribes on my Frontier. 772
Ajilvsgi, G.: Wild Flowers of Texas. 1633
Akademie der Künste Bauen in in Berlin 1900 - 1964 Q16PICCRM75
Aked, Charles K. Electrifying Time: An Exhibition Held at the Science Museum to Commemorate the Centenary of the Death of Alexander Bain 2nd January 1877, Open 15th December 1976 to 11th April 1977 R5WHITE05G
Aktiebolaget Bofors Some Data About Aktiebolaget Bofors and Its Activities BS63THIN2211
Al-hubaishi, A. ; Muller-Hohenstein, K. An Introduction to the Vegetation of Yemen: Ecological Basis, Floristic Composition, Human Influence P15WHPIC1302
Al-Nahari, Abdulaziz Mohamed The Role of National Libraries in Developing Countries with Special Reference to Saudi Arabia Q25WHBLU1009
Al-Shahi, Ahmed (Editor) The Diversity of the Muslim Community: Anthropological Essays in Memory of Peter Lienhardt BS135WHTBLU9
Al-Touraihi, Mohammad Saeed Al Mawsem: A Quarterly Illustrated Magazine for Archaeology and Tradition BS33AYLGRN09
Alamuddin, Najib The Flying Sheikh BS22SLVRD23K
Alan C Jenkins A Village Year MC1955
Alan C Jenkins The Naturalists - Pioneers of Natural History MC1546
Alan Moorhead Montgomery MC1537
Alan Moorhead Montgomery MC1734
Alasia, Franco ; Montaldi, Danilo Milano, Corea: Inchiesta Sugli Immigrati R24BKGRN3E
Alastair.: Manon Lescaut by Abbe Prevost. 6328
Alban, J. R. Swansea, 1184-1984 BS133THIN187
Albemarle Gallery; Boothman, Toby TOBY BOOTHMAN Albemarle Gallery Catalogue 2006 P2WHBK2311
Albertazzi, Adolfo Storia dei Generi Letterari Italiani: Il Romanzo AR14BKOR111A
Alberti, Leone Battista Ten Books on Architecture P3GLTBLU12G
Albertus, Frater From "One" to "Ten" A Treatise on the Origin and Extension of the Prime Manifestation on the Physical Plane Q27SLVBLU13D
Alcock, Clarissa Broadland and Other Verses 99456
Alcock, R. C. ; Holland, F. C. (Editors) The Philatelic Adviser: January - December 1947 (Vol. IX No. 10 to Vol. X No. 6) [12 Issues Bound Together] BS56GLTBN11
Alden, Edward C. Alden's Oxford Guide with Key-Plan of the University and City, and Numerous Engravings P17BLUE1211
Alder, J. Birds and Flowers of the Castle of Mey and Balmoral. 9496
Alder, Kathleen Mary Cassatt: Prints (National Gallery London) AL28THNWT198
Aldermen and Burgesses Bristol Official Guide to the City 1938 P10BLKWHT07G
Aldermen and Burgesses Bristol Official Guide to the City: Souvenir of the Royal Agricultural Society's Show at Bristol, June 30th-July 4th, 1936 Q4BLKWHT07G
Aldermen and Burgesses Bristol: Official Guide to the City 1934 Q4BLKCRM07G
Aldermen and Burgesses Bristol: Official Guide to the City 1937 P22BLUWHT07G
Aldiss, Brian W. This World and Nearer Ones: Essays Exploring the Familiar BS35FRDBK20A
Aldred, Charles Stories from Wags Aldred: Suffolk Stallion Leader 11261
Aldred, D. E. Debenham's Ecclesiastical Heritage 99332
Aldrich, C. Langley The Locomotives of the Great Eastern Railway 1862-1954 R39GLTTAN10F
Aldrich, Mildred A Hilltop on the Marne BS117GLTBLUD
Aldridge, Tim Who Killed Stella 'B'? And Collected Stories BS115BKPIC01
Alec Clunes The British Theatre MC0845
Alechinsky, Pierre Hors Cadre: Choix De Textes Avec Trois Inedits BS43BKWHT24H
Alecto Historical Editions The Derbyshire Domesday: Introduction and Translation ; The Derbyshire Domesday: Folios and Maps, Derbyshire: Folios 272-278 ; Domesday Book Studies [3 Volumes in a Hard Case] R10GLTRD2506
Alecto Historical Editions The Oxfordshire Domesday: Introduction and Translation ; The Oxfordshire Domesday: Folios and Maps, Oxfordshire: Folios 154-161 ; Domesday Book Studies [3 Volumes in a Hard Case] R10GLTRD2606
Alecto Historical Editions The Warwickshire Domesday: Introduction and Translation ; Folios and Maps, Warwickshire: Folios 238-244 ; Studies [3 Volume Set] Q33GLTWHT12
Alessi Officina Alessi AL22GOLD238
Alex, Carl Das Wappen Stil Und Form BS46BKCRM215
Alexander, F. (translator), Ruskin, J. (editor) Roadside Songs of Tuscany 93100
Alexander, R.G The Engraved Work of F.L.Griggs 96460
Alexander, William Some Account of the Life and Religious Experience of Mary Alexander, Late of Needham Market 99102
Alfons Paquet Der Rhine. Vision Und Wirklichkeit. MC0700
Alford, Stephen Burghley: William Cecil at the Court of Elizabeth I BS41BLKGLD8F
Alfred Hitchcock THE MASTERS CHOICE MC1827
Alfred King and Son List of Old Oundelians Serving in His Majesty's Forces - January 1943 P5THIN2806
Ali, S. I. Flora of Pakistan: No. 211: Asphodelaceae P17THIN1302B
Ali, S. I. Flora of Pakistan: No. 212: Hemerocallidaceae P17THIN1302C
Ali, S. I. Flora of Pakistan: No. 214: Hyacinthaceae P17THIN1302
Ali, Salim ; Ripley, S. Dillon Handbook of the Birds of India and Pakistan: Together with Those of Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan and Sri Lanka: Compact Edition Q15BLUGY2809
Alikhan, Raza Hyperabad: 400 Years (1591-1991) R26YLBK2305
Alington, C.A Ten Crowded Hours BS63BKRD236
Alippe De La Vierge Marie, Le. P. L'homme Interieur: Selon L'esprit Du Bienheureux fr. De Sales P8GLTBRN0805
Alku/ Goodiepal El Camino Del Hardcore (ALKU 83) Q23RDGREY308
Allais, A Like Mother. and Other Tales 96123
Allan, J Cowry shells of world Seas 120559
Allan, Mea Rose Cottage Q10GLTBK8
Allan, P. B. M A Moth-hunter's Gossip 120126
Allan, P.B.M Talking of Moths 120124
Allan, P.B.M Talking of Moths 120125
Allan, Victor A Dunwich Tapestry BS65GRN265
Allard, P., Bean, M., Brown, T., Rivett, K. and Wooden, B. Nature in East Norfolk. 10748
Allegro, John Lost Gods R41BKWHT1609
Allen, Arthur B. The Romance of the Alphabet BS53BKTAN104
Allen, I.M A General Zoology for Higher Certificate Candidates BS102GLTBLU193
Allen, James J. The Art of James J. Allen BS117WHT1405
Allen, Jane The Wallace Connection: The Story of the Restoration of Orford Church R13WHTBLU907
Allen, P. M. ; Jackson, A. A. Bulletin of the Geological Survey of Great Britain: Bulletin 61: Bryn-teg Borehole, North Wales P14BLUBL278
Allen, Robert Porter The Roseate Spoonbill P2BKBLU2809
Allianz Formula 1: Gran Premio De Espana Telefonica 2007: Catalunya 11.12.13 R30WHTBLK161
Allison, I. M. (Editor) Experimental Mechanics: Advances in design, Testing and Analysis [2 Volume Set] BS117BKWH16C
Alloway, Lawrence Mechanismus Der Bedeutung (Werk Im Entstehen: 1963-1971) P3BLKTAN07I
Allport, John "Do Tell!" Volume 1 - A Collection of One and Two Page Stories [Volume 1 Only] BS109WHT22A
Almeida, Jose Americo De A Bagaceira BS48RDWHT6D
Alosco, Antonio Il Partito D'azione a Napoli R4BKWH02L
Aloy, Dr. D. Narciso Carbo De Programa De Terapeutica, Farmacologia, y Arte De Recetar Q32GLTBLK20D
Alpert, Barry (Editor) Donald Davie: The Poet in the Imaginary Museum: Essays of Two Decades R12GRYEL1903
Alphonse Daudet Tartarin Sur Les Alpes MC0959
Alston, Christopher Strong to Save 99137
Alston, R. C. A Bibliography of the English Language from the Invention of Printing to the Year 1800: Volume One: English Grammars Witten in English and English Grammars Written in Latin By Native Speakers Q27GLTBLU402
Aluminium Development Association ( Aluminium and its alloys in building: An introductory Survey AR8SLIM1012F
Alun Lewis Raiders Dawn MC1074
Alwyn, Geoffrey The Violin and Its Story: Or the History and Construction of the Violin BS41BKBRN105
Alzamora, Laura Hidalgo Coplas Del Carnaval De Guaranda (Recopilacion y Analisis Literario) BS59TNBRN181
Amado, Jorge Cacau: Romance R13BLKWHT23F
Amazon Publications Ransome Broadside Q26RDBLU1604
Ambrose, Stephen E. D-Day: June 6, 1944: The Climatic Battle of World War II R33GRYPIC218
Ambrosoli, Luigi La Insurrezione Milanese Del Marzo 1848: Memorie di Cesare Correnti - Pietro Maestri - Anselmo Guerrieri Gonzaga - Carlo Clerici - Agostino Bertani - Antonio Fossati Q7BKBRN03L
American Motors Corporation 01 - Hornet , 40 - Gremlin AMC 1973 Technical Service Manual Supplement BS35ASLIM221
American Motors Corporation Hornet - 01, Matador - 10, Gremlin - 40, Javlin - 70, Ambassador -80: 1973 AMC Technical Service Manual BS35AMCWH221
Amery, Colin Wren's London BSPTOPBLKWHT1704
Ames, B Drawings of Florida Orchids 95680
Ames, Blanche Drawings of Florida Orchids P15PURCR224
Ames, O Orchidaceae: Illustrations and Studies of the Family Orchidaceae issuing from the Ames Botanical Laboratory, Massachusetts 95674
AMF Harley-Davidson 1996 Harley-Davidson Motorcycles [Trade Brochure] R2SLIM1005
AMF Harley-Davidson Harley-Davidson: 1979 V-Twin Motorcycles [Trade Brochure] R2THIN1005
AMF Harley-Davidson Harley-Davidson: 1980 V-Twin Motorcycles [Trade Brochure] R2THIN1005A
Amherst, Hon. A.: A History of Gardening in England. 445
Amiel, Henri; Scherer, Edmond Fragments D'un Journal Intime Precedes D'une Etude [2 Tomes] BS38GLTGRN05
Amir Aczel Probability 1. Why There Must be Intelligent Life in the Universe. MC0551
Amis, P. Journal of Ceramic History, No. 2: Some Domestic Vessels of Southern Britain: A Social and Technical Analysis R27SLMBR2405
Amnesty International Prison Conditions in Rumania: Conditions for Political Prisoners 1955-64: A Factual Report Q24SLIM1906
Ampersand Ampersand Volume 1, Issue 3 AL19THYL267
Ampola, Filippo Fra Uomini e Poeti BS55BLKTAN3C
Amundsen, Roald Genom Luften Till 88 Nordlig Bredd R28GLTCML13F
Amundsen, Roald Nordvest-Pssagen: Beretning Om Gjoa Ekspeditionen Q6GLTGRN17G
Amy Grech, Shade Rupe Funeral Party: v. 2: A Celebratory Excursion into Beautiful Extremes of Life, Lust and Death AL3WHBR21716
An Occasional Visitor Cursory Observations on the Churches of Bristol P10GLTGRN116
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Anderson, Captain T.C. Ubique: War Services of all the Officers of H.M.'S Bengal Army, Exhibiting the Rank and Various Services of Every Officer in the Army; Distinguishing Those Who Have Received Medals and Other Distinctions and Who Have been Wounded, and in What Actions. P1GLTGRN21F
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Andrade, Eugenio De Poemas 1945-1965 BS57GLTRD07L
Andreas Fleischmann A Monograph of the Genus Genlisea R19BKWH31016
Andrew Dodds "Here and There": A Seasonal Sketchbook at Home and Abroad AR13BKPIC168
Andrew Marr My Trade: A Short History of British Journalism MC2016
Andrew Niccol Swallowing Your Pride and Other English Expressions. MC0402
Andrews Kent, Louise Mrs Appleyard's Year BS48YLBK224
Andrews, A. J. I Told You So! In Letters to the Press BS106BKWH22H
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Anger, Benjamin Nouveaux Elements D'Anatomie Chirugicale, Atlas De XII Planches BS118GTBK308
Anglo-American Council on Productivity Productivity Team Report: Lithographic Printing BS38GREEN297
Anita Leslie The Fabulous Leonard Jerome (A Delightful and Amusing Biography of Sir Winston Churchill's American Grandfather) MC1395
Ann Harries Manly Persuits MC0891
Anna Sewell Black Beauty MC0359
Anne, Countess of Winchilsea.: Poems. 7707
Annon Judy for Girls (1985) MC0846
Anon "Com' Era Dov' Era" 1902-1912: Crollo Del Campanile Di S. Marco - 1902 BS60THIN5A
Anon (but H.E.Stevens) H.M.S. "Enterprise" Story of the First Commission April 7th, 1926, to December 19th, 1928. Q6gilred18908
Anon [By a Well-Wisher to His Countrey] Overtures for Correcting and Amending the Laws R14BLUE256E
Anon [E.F.] In Parables: Illustrations of the Parables of Christ By Chinese Artists R42THIN3010
Anon [under pseud. "An Educational Expert"].: Manuscript Writing and Lettering. 6425
Anon Âgés et Visages de l'Asie: Un Siècle D'exploration à Travers Les Collections Du Musée Guimet AR7RDMC1010
Anon 1rst Battalion Suffolk Regiment. Malta, 1909. [Reproductions of photographs.] 11484
Anon 785 Handbook of Metric Drive Components: Precision and Commercial BS60WTBLU77
Anon A Concise History of the County and City of Chester, from the Most Authentic and Respectable Uuthors; with Descriptive and Lively Observations on the Manners, Customs, &c. of the Inhabitants; Also the Life of St. Werburgh, the Memorable Founder of the. Q8BROWN0403
Anon A Copy of the Poll for the Knights of the Shire For the County of Norfolk, Taken at Norwich, May 22. 1734. Candidates: Sir Edmund Bacon, Bart.; William Wodehouse, Esq; The Honourable Robert Coke; William Morden, Esq. 900282
Anon A Description and History of Vegetable Substances, Used in the Arts, and in Domestic Economy: Timber Fruits: Fruits BS34BRWN1911
Anon A Descriptive and Historical Guide to Ashby-De-La-Zouch, and the Neighbourhood: Containing the Ancient History of the Town - Lords of the Manor - the Castle - Tournament - Modern History of the Town - Church and Chapels - Baths - Remarks on the Mineral. P6GLTGRN1806
Anon A Dissertation on Catalogues 96000
Anon A Glimpse of Mocambique R22WHITE19L
Anon A List of Eton College, For the Lent School-Time,1896 Q28SLIM2905
Anon A List of the Officers of the Militia, the Gentlemen and Yeomantry Cavalry and Volunteer Infantry of the United Kingdom BS135WHBLUA
Anon A Memorial to the Beccles Martyrs. 1556 - 1956. Issued to Commemorate the Quatercentenary of the Martyrdom on 16th May, 1956 11476
Anon A Ritual and Illustrations of Freemasonry Accompanied By Numerous Engravings and a Key to the Phi Beta Kappa BS117GLTGN5F
Anon A Tribute to Oman: The Sultanate's Year Book 1994-95: 24th National Day R44YELBK0111
Anon After Fifty Years BS61GRY265
Anon Allied and Enemy Tanks BS24SLIM2B
Anon An Act for the Improvement of the Borough of Shrewsbury. Q2darklabel23508
Anon At the Sign of Flying Fame. 2nd List of Broadsides, Chapbooks, and Garlands 96572
Anon Atlas of England and Wales 1904 BS100BLCRM12
Anon Babraham P8THIN04C
Anon Barry and District BS33ABLUE206
Anon Benson's Facts for Keen Printing Buyers No. 2 96581
Anon Birds' Nests BS24GLTBRN06
Anon Bombardment of LowestoftBy the Germans April 25th, 1916 11462
Anon British Curiosities in Nature and Art; Exhibiting An Account of Natural and Artificial Rareties, Both Ancient and Modern, Intermixt with Historical and Geographical Passages. With a Very Particular Account of the Curiosities in London, and the Two. BS43GLTBRN2F
Anon Brundall Motor Yacht Club 2005 Handbook BS125SLIM74
Anon Burro De Ouro De Appuleio: Traduzido Em Portuguez BS114GLTBRN5F
Anon Campaigns in Focus, Vol. 1: The Crimean War BS131FOLDER1
Anon Canada: The Land of Oppurtunity Q17THIN2301A
Anon Catalogo della mostra storica dell'arte della stampa in Italia dalla metà del secolo XV a tutto il XVIII BS133BRN1F
Anon Catalogue of the Naval Models in the South Kensington Museum P8GLTBK29A
Anon Chinesische Bronzen Aus Der Abteilung Für Ostasiatische Kunst an Den Staatlichen Museen Berlin Q34BRWN19G
Anon Clymer Harley-Davidson Sportster Evolution, 1991-2000 Q18BKWH253X
Anon Coleção Numismatica Pinto De Magalhaes: Volume II: Moedas de Ouro Portuguesas [Volume 2 Only] BS103TAN22L
Anon Collection Leon Leroy: Mouvements, Portraits, Livres es Documents BS57GLTGN146
Anon Cosmetics for my Lady & Good Fare for My Lord - Collected Recipes 96148
Anon Cowshed Equipment and Piggery Fittings - [London - King Trade Catalogue] R5BLUE0901
Anon Cricket Secrets [The Skipper Show-U-How Library No. 1] R39THIN0402
Anon Culture & History 9/10: Britain: Nation, State and Decline Q26WHGRY0504
Anon Culture & History 9/10: Britain: Nation, State and Decline Q26WHTGY0504
Anon Dover: The Gateway of England: Official Guide and Souvenir P16SLIM2908
Anon Dutch Power Pack Jaarboek 2008: Is Een Uitgave Van Exploitatie Circuit Park Zandvoort BV AL11RDBL238
Anon Dutch Power Pack Jaarboek 2009: Is Een Uitgave Van Exploitatie Circuit Park Zandvoort BV Q29RDBLU2111
Anon Earth Changes: Past, Present, Future P12SLIMBR257
Anon Eastern Fables or the Fables of Pilpay BS58GLTTAN08
Anon Elektrische Tijdaanwijzing: Een Overzicht Van De in Nederland Toegepaste Elektrische Systemen Voor Het Meten En Aangeven Van De Tijd BS128BKSLVF
Anon Eleven Churches: A Guide to the Bramerton Group, Norfolk 99290
Anon English Printers' Marks of the Fifteenth Century R22GREY0502
Anon English Printers' Marks of the Sixteenth Century R22GREY502
Anon Examples of the Ornamental Heraldry of the Sixteenth Century ; Second Series, 1868 Q33BLKTAN237
Anon Exhibition of Art Chiefly from the Dominions of India and Pakistan Royal Academy of Arts, London 1947-48 [Catalogue] BS60THNGRN01
Anon Ferien an Der See P4BLKBRN1202
Anon Ferrovia del Gottardo e i tre laghi. Gotthardbahn und die drei oberitalienischen Seen. Gothard railway with lake of Lugano lage of Como and lago Maggiore. AL3TAN2210716
Anon Folklore Americano: Anos XVII - XVIII: No. 16 BS44BKCR2010
Anon Football Tricky Tips [The Skipper Show-U-How Library No. 2] R39THIN402
Anon Fourth Detailed Annual Report of the Registrar-General of Births, Deaths and Marriages in Scotland Q20BKBLU13A
Anon Genealogy of the Family of Charles Patton Keele Q23BRWN3005
Anon Grovelands Park: Description, Plan, Photographs, and Programme. R27SLIM0304
Anon Guide to Aldeburgh, Thorpeness, Southwold, Felixstowe, and the Suffolk Coast 11211
Anon Guide to the Broads and Rivers of Norfolk and Suffolk, Great Yarmouth, Lowestoft, Norwich Etc. With Hints on Cruising, Angling, Etc., And a Full Description of All the Navigable Waterways 99145
Anon Guide to the Wellcome Historical Medical Museum P16BLUE03I
Anon Her Majesties Most Gracious Letter to the Parliament of Scotland R14BLUE256C
Anon Her Majesties Most Gracious Letter to the Parliament of Scotland R14BLUE256D
Anon Heralds' Commemorative Exhibition 1484-1934: Held at the College of Arms, Enlarged and Illustrated Catalogue BS136GLTRED5
Anon History of Hingham and Its Church of St. Andrew 900323
Anon Huckleberry Hound: Comic Album No. 1 Q32RED403
Anon Hydra Tool Steels BS60SLVRED04
Anon I.C.S. Reference Library: Advertisement Display, Mediums, Retail management, Department-Store Management AR10GTBR288
Anon Insects and Their Habitations. - A Book for Children B0031
Anon Is Geology antagonistic to Scripture? Or a word for the old-fashioned Book; with a map of the eastern vallies of Norfolk, &c. To which is added an appendix, containing a geological description of the Hunstanton Cliff, in Norfolk. By an M.A. of Cambridge 900255
Anon Italien Jahrbuch 1940 BS101GLTBRNL
Anon J.V. Stalin: Works, Volume 13, July 1930 - January 1934 BS41BRNRD10K
Anon L'histoire De l'Automobile: Autos Anciennes et Modernes - Pionniers et Constructeurs - Les Marques Fameuses - Autos De Course et Pilotes BS130SLIM9C
Anon Le Livre Des Petits Enfants, Ou Recueil De Récits R36GLTBK1806
Anon Le Petit Echo De La Mode: Le Grand Hebdomadaire [Issues No.1 - 52] BS12GLTBLK05
Anon Leningrad: Town's Views R5BRNBLK10L
Anon Les Peintres Heureux: Summer 1956 BS17THIN1707
Anon List of Principal Towns and Places to or from Which the Midland Railway Company Convey Goods from or to London: Derby, May, 1894 Q7RED24I
Anon Lives of Eminent & Remarkable Characters Born or Long Resident in The Counties of Essex, Suffolk & Norfolk 900542
Anon Lord of the Flies Book Catalogue & Feeling Pretty Good BS64BKBRN6A
Anon Lord of the Flies Book Catalogue and Hotel, London BS122BKTAN12A
Anon Lowestoft: The Queen of East Coast Watering Places 11432
Anon MacChine Scuola Industria Dal Mestiere All Professionalita Operaia BS10WHBK1306
Anon Manetho with an English Translation BS35EBKGR224
Anon Manual of the Admirality Gyro-Compass (Sperry Type) 1941 BS19GLTBLU07
Anon Michel: Deutschland-Katalog 1983 P19BKOR126
Anon Minha Vida Secreta: Famosas Memorias Dum Anonymo Gentilhomem De Londres: My Secret Life: Traduzido Pela Primeira Vez Em Portuguez Do Rarissimo Original e Uniea Edicao Ingleza De Dez Exemplares P1GLTBLK0602
Anon Missale Romanum: Decreto Sacrosancti Concilii Tridentini Restitutum S. PII V. Pontificis Maximi Jussu Editum Clementis VIII. & Urbani VIII. Auctoritate Recognitum: In quo omnia accurate suis locis disposita sunt, & Missae novissimae Sanctorum Adjectae R30BROWN0905
Anon Model Gardening Book 95493
Anon Modern Illustrated Books Summer 2010 [Catalogue] BS58BKWT135
Anon Modern Spanish Blackwork: Anchor Embroidery Book No. 755 BS123THN0409
Anon My Own First Book Q32BLUE403
Anon Nature in Norwich 11423
Anon Neuvostomaan Arkkitehtuuria: Soviet Architecture 1917-1987 BS136WHBK7F
Anon Norfolk Illustrated in a Series of Nearly One Hundred Views 99103
Anon Notables of Britain: An Album of Portraits and Autographs of the Most Eminent Subjects of Her Majesty in the 60th Year of Her Reign BS30GLTGRN2B
Anon Official Catalogue of Genuine Swiss Watch Repair Parts [Volume 1 Only] P10GLTBLU9F
Anon On the Correction and Use of the Admirality Charts, Sailing Directions and Light Lists: With an Article on Small Scale Charts P12BROWN1306
Anon One Hundred Pictures of the East Coast 900313
Anon Panorama of London: From the Tower of Shell Centre R37SLIM2210
Anon Patek Philippe, Genève: Maîtres Horlogers à Genève Depuis 1839: Collection 2010-2011 R21WHGRY3107
Anon Permanent Record of Queen Victoria's State Visit to Derby, Containing a Complete, Authentic, and Numerously Illustrated Account of the Various Ceremonies and Festivities Incidental to the Occasion; Together with a Brief Resume of Her Majesty's Reign. BS58GTBL0204
Anon Poems Newly Decorated. [The Monthly Chapbook Poetry & Drama Series No 3 Vol I September 1919] 96582
Anon Poetry of the Anti-Jacobin Q8GLTBRN186
Anon Presented to Rev. F. C. De Beauvais, Together with the Accompanying Silver Tray from the Parishioners of Whiteshill on the Occasion of His Marriage, June 20th 1912 BS10RED0805
Anon Private Printers' Dinner (Menu) 96578
Anon Proceedings of the Cambridge Antiquarian Society, with Communications Made to the Society. Vol. XI. New Series Vol. V. 1903-1906 BS59GLTBRN205
Anon Prominent Men of London. A Collection of Portraits of Men who by their Genius, Learning and Ability have Attained Distinction in the Premier City of the World-London Q3GLTBLU234
Anon Propositions De Promenades et D'Excursions Pour Lugano et Ses Environs P0THIN2904
Anon Railways and Railway Men R39TAN0402
Anon Register of St. Lawrence College 1879 to 1953: Vol. II: 1930-1953, with Alphabetical Index [Volume 2 Only] P5GLTGRN1806
Anon Road Vehicle Lubrication BS16SLIM147
Anon Sachtleben AG für Bergbau und Chemische Industrie BS100BRN14K
Anon Shaw's Improved Diary and Almanac, for 1836 99198
Anon Souvenir of Gt. Yarmouth: Miniature View Album of St. Yarmouth 99414
Anon St. Felix: Bishop of East Anglia BS123THN03J
Anon St. Mary the Virgin, Earl Stonham P16_337
Anon Stankiewicz: Weg Licht Wandlung Form BS24BKCRM14J
Anon Stony Stratford BS25SLIM10K
Anon Suffolk County Handbook and Official Directory for 1933, with which are incorporated Knights's County Handbook and Glyde's Suffolk Almanack 11049
Anon Suffolk County Handbook and Official Directory for 1936, with which are incorporated Knights's County Handbook and Glyde's Suffolk Almanack 11265
Anon The 26 Churches of Lavenham Deanery BS128SLIM21K
Anon The Aldersgate Primitive Methodist Magazine: For the Year of Our Lord, 1903: Vol. II of the New Series: Vol. LXXXIV, from the Commencement Q29GLDGN1505
Anon The Ballad of Eskimo Nell Q28THIN25H
Anon The Book of Garden Management 95249
Anon The Book of Garden Management 95436
Anon The Book of Presbrey-Leland Memorials: An Illustrated Directory of Presbrey - Leland Memorials Erected Since the Year Nineteen Hundred Throughout the United States and Seven Foreign Countries P12BROWN1012
Anon The Book of Ruth 96154
Anon The Calendar of Prayer-Book BS59GLTBLU11
Anon The Calendar of the University College of Wales, Aberystwyth: Thirty-Seventh Session, 1908-9 R11BLKTAN807
Anon The Care of Trees on Development Sites (Arboricultural Association Advisory Leaflet No. 3) P8THIN2912
Anon The Chess Player (11) P0WH0501
Anon The Chess Player (14) P0WH0501A
Anon The Church Missionary Gleaner: 1865, Vol. XV: 1866, Vol. XVI: 1867, Vol. XVII; 1868, Vol. XVIII [4 Volumes Bound Into One] BS46GLTRD018
Anon The Continental Tourist, and Pictorial Companion. Illustrated with Sixty-two Beautiful Engravings on Steel, of the Most Interesting European Scenery. BS51GLTBRN20A
Anon The Crichton Annual. A selection of designs for advertising and commercial Purposes 96576
Anon The Eastern Chronology: Being a Collection of Dates of Interesting Events 11047
Anon The Eastern Sea Fisheries District: Bye-laws in Force 1946 P12TINY0608
Anon The Eton Register: Being a Continuation of Stapylton's Eton School Lists 1893-1899 BS66GLTBLU135
Anon The Famous Parks and Gardens of the World - Described and Illustrated 95485
Anon The Golden Cockerel press 1931 96515
Anon The Grand Old Mystery Unravelled: Written By Old Parliamentary Hands for Lika Joko BS11BRWN1811
Anon The Handbook of North Devon, with a Trip on the Crediton and North Devon Railways, and Sketch of the Natural History of the District BS23GRN2107
Anon The History of "The Magic Wand" Q11SMALL2702
Anon The Holy Bible. Reprinted according to the Authorised Version, 1611 [Together with:] The Apocrypha. 5 Vols Comlete 96333
Anon The Incorporation of Bakers of Glasglow P10GDRD1801
Anon The Ipswich Hand Book : Containing a Short Account of the History, Antiquities, Public Buildings, &c., &c., of the Ancient Borough of Ipswich. 11477
Anon The Journal of the Royal Agricultural Society of England Including the Farmer's Guide to Agricultural Research : Volume 95 Q25BKGRN1706
Anon The Jubilee of County Councils 1889-1939. East Suffolk 900151
Anon The King's Scholars and King's Hall BS53BKGRY02C
Anon The Ladies Cabinet of Fashion, Music and Romance [Volume 2 Only] BS61GLTBN712
Anon The London Kalendar; or, Court and City Register, for England, Scotland, Ireland, and America, for the Year 1795; Including a Complete and Correct List of the Present Parliament, More Extensive and Useful Than in Any Other Book of the Kind Yet Published AR12BKGN1011
Anon The Manuscripts of the House of Lords, 1693-1695: Volume I. (New Series) ; The Manuscripts of the House of Lords, 1695-1697: Volume II. (New Series) [Vol. I and II Bound Together in One Volume] BS138GLTBRN5
Anon The Natural History of Birds 94002
Anon The natural history of quadrupeds, and cetaceous animals : from the works of the best authors, antient and modern : embellished with numerous plates, accurately coloured from Nature. 2 Vols Complete 120621
Anon The Nazi Kultur in Poland R25BRNWH2608
Anon The Norfolk Broads and Coast: The Official Guide of the Smallburgh Rural District Council AR4SLM269
Anon The Orchid Review: Vol. I. No. 1-12, 1893 VOL1ATTIC
Anon The Orchid Review: Vol. II. No. 13-24, 1894 VOL2ATTIC
Anon The Orchid Review: Vol. III. No. 25-36, 1895 VOL3ATTIC
Anon The Orchid Review: Vol. IV. No. 37-48, 1886 VOL4ATTIC
Anon The Orchid Review: Vol. IX. No. 103,105-108, 1901 VOL9ATTIC
Anon The Orchid Review: Vol. V. No. 49-60, 1897 VOL5ATTIC
Anon The Orchid Review: Vol. VI. No. 61-72, 1899 VOL6ATTIC
Anon The Orchid Review: Vol. VIII. No. 85-96, 1900 VOL8ATTIC
Anon The Orchid Review: Vol. X. No. 109-120, 1902 VOL10ATTIC2
Anon The Orchid Review: Vol. X. No. 116, 1902 VOL10ATTIC
Anon The Orchid Review: Vol. XI. No. 121-132, 1903 VOL11ATTIC
Anon The Orchid Review: Vol. XII. No. 133-144, 1904 VOL12ATTIC
Anon The Orchid Review: Vol. XIII. No. 145-156, 1905 VOL13ATTIC
Anon The Orchid Review: Vol. XIV. No. 157-168, 1906 VOL14ATTIC
Anon The Orchid Review: Vol. XIX. No. 217-228, 1911 VOL19ATTIC
Anon The Orchid Review: Vol. XV. No. 169-180, 1907 VOL15ATTIC
Anon The Orchid Review: Vol. XVI. No. 181-192, 1908 VOL16ATTIC
Anon The Orchid Review: Vol. XVII. No. 193-204, 1909 VOL17ATTIC
Anon The Orchid Review: Vol. XVIII. No. 205-216, 1910 VOL18ATTIC
Anon The Orchid Review: Vol. XX. No. 229-240, 1912 VOL20ATTIC
Anon The Orchid Review: Vol. XXI. No. 241-252, 1913 VOL21ATTIC
Anon The Orchid Review: Vol. XXII. No. 253-264, 1914 VOL22ATTIC
Anon The Orchid Review: Vol. XXVI. No. 301-312, 1918 VOL26ATTIC
Anon The Pedigree of the Kennett Family P5SLIMWHT186
Anon The Poll for a Member of Parliament for the City and County of Norwich, taken the twenty-seventh of May, 1799. 91401
Anon The Printmakers of Atelier 17 [Exhibition Catalogue] BS119SLIM135
Anon The Register of the Times: Or, Political Museum: Containing a Select, Impartial, and Interesting Collection of Political Transactions and Occurences, Divided and Arranged in Domestic and Foreign Politics, Comprising; Debates of Parliament.[Volume 1 to 3] AR14GLTBRWN11
Anon The Royal Masonic Institution for Boys (incorporated By Royal Charter) BS0THIN225
Anon The Rules of the Norwich District Branch of the Independent Order of Odd-Fellows, Manchester Unity Friendly Society BS48SLIM2205
Anon The Rupert Picture Story Book BS124RD284
Anon The Science of Mind; or, Pneumatology: Vol. I R44GLTBRN411
Anon The Sea Book: A Nautical Repository of Perils and Pleasures, Adventures, Joys and Sufferings on the Briny Deep, Being a Summary of the Life and Doings of the Sailor, Both Ashore and Afloat Q30GTGRN252
Anon The Shasta Route: In All of Its Grandeur: A Scenic Guide Book from San Francisco, California to Portland, Oregon, On the Road of a Thousand Wonders BS39SLIM0408
Anon The Story of a King: Told By One of His Soldiers Q24GLTBRN193
Anon The Story of the Kiwi. New Zealand's Curious Bird That's 8,000,000 Years Old 94050
Anon The Stranger's Guide through the City of York and its Cathedral Q2BK280916
Anon The Suffolk Garland: Or, a Collection of Poems, Songs, Tales, Ballads, Sonnets, and Elegies, Legendary and Romantic, Historical and Descriptive, Relative to That County; and Illustrative of Its Scenery, Places, Biography, Manners, Habits and Customs 11317
Anon The Suffolk Garland: Or, a Collection of Poems, Songs, Tales, Ballads, Sonnets, and Elegies, Legendary and Romantic, Historical and Descriptive, Relative to That County; and Illustrative of Its Scenery, Places, Biography, Manners, Habits and Customs 99381
Anon The Suffolk Show 1973 11072
Anon The Terrific Register; or Record, of Crimes, Judgments, Providences, and Calamities [Volume 2 only] BS49BRWN25K
Anon The Tollhouse, Great Yarmouth 11215
Anon The Trade Marks Journal, Volume XVII, (Journals, Nos. 719-770) AR20GTB22716
Anon The Vicinity of Leamington; a Guide to the Neighbouring Towns of Warwick, Coventry, Stratford, Kenilworth, and Surrounding Country BSTOPBKRED07
Anon The White Cat P11BROWN708
Anon Thirty Plates Illustrative of Natural Phenomena, Etc 94023
Anon Tools of Guaranteed Quality [Trade Catalogue] BS133SLMPNK4
Anon Transports Sur Rails. Catalogue Du Musee, Section DB Q3BKTAN25A
Anon Travels at Home and Voyages By the Fire-side; for the Instruction and Entertainment of Young Persons [5 Volume Set] R41GN5VOLSK
Anon Treatise on Military Small Arms and Ammunition 1888 BS45BKYEL237
Anon Trieste nella lotta per la democrazia AR1BRN191016
Anon Twenty-Four Gems of Westminister Abbey: A Collection of Permanent Photographs P23BROWN2606
Anon Twenty-Four Gems of Westminister Abbey: A Collection of Permanent Photographs P23TAN2606
Anon Two Giants from Grimm: The Young Giant, the Giant with the Three Golden Hairs BS46SLIM2404
Anon Ukrainian Herald: Undergronud Magazine from Ukraine: Issue IV BS135GLTBL07
Anon Westward Bound: Advice and Help for Your Journey Home BS61SLIM1011
Anon Who's Who in Norfolk 900194
Anon Who's Who in Suffolk 99382A
Anon Who Was the First Architect? or, Bees and Bee-Hives BS58GRN22I
Anon Wiltshire Contiguous Parishes BS35ETHIN235
Anon Wonders of Animal Instinct: With Illustrative Anecdotes from the French of Ernest Menault Q15GLTBRN173
Anon Yangliuqing Paper Cutting Art P17THN11K
Anon,: Tratado sobre la cria de los Cerdos. 4354
Anon. A Brief Guide to Britain's Principal Trees. 8034
Anon. Amsterdam Stilar I Prosa och Poesi. Amsterdam Types in Prose and Poetry. 9201
Anon. British Botany familiarly explained and Described 92501
Anon. Contes Du Temps Jadis 93194
Anon. Flora Domestica; Or, the Portable Flower-Garden: With Directions for the Treatment of Plants in Pots; and Illustrations from the Works of the Poets 92158
Anon. Flower, Fruit and Kitchen Garden bound with 20 of the series "Lloyd's Cheap Treatises on Popular Flowers". 8406
Anon. Flowers from an Indian Garden Second Series 95022
Anon. Report of the Second International Rock Garden Conference. 9528
Anon. Studi Di Lingua e Letteratura Lombarda Offerti a Maurizio Vitale, Volumes 1 & 2 AR29BKYEL257
Anon. The Bookbinder 93315
Anon. Wild Flowers, Showing Where to Gather Them; How to Preserve Them; Their Uses and Seasons for Flowering, and Their Medicinal Uses 92205
Anon. William Morgan (translator) Book of Jonah. Llyfr Ionas 96277
Anon.: A Book of Fruit and Flowers. 4921
Anon.: A Choice of Type Faces. 6420
Anon.: A Guide to the Exhibition in the King's Library . Printing. 3835
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