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Besleys Books Spring 2018 Catalogue

Literature and Illustrated Inventory

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B. B. (Editor) A Garland of Elizabethan Sonnets 13372

Baudelaire, Charles Flowers of Evil 13410

Beerbohm, Max The Happy Hypocrite 13375

Beerbohm, Max The Works of Max Beerbohm [10 Volume set] 13210

Blythe, Ronald Outsiders: A Book of Garden Friends 13127

Blythe, Ronald At Helpston: Meetings with John Clare 13130

Briggs, Asa (Editor) William Morris: Selected Writings and Designs 13303

Brooke, Rupert The Great Lover 13510

Bullen, A. H. (Editor) Davison's Poetical Rhapsody [2 Volume Set] 13128

Burger, Gottfried August Lenore 13304

Campbell, Roy Choosing a Mast 13508

Cavendish, George The Life and Death of Thomas Wolsey, the Great Cardinal of England 13398

Child, Harold The Curwen Press Almanack 1926 13379

Churchyard, Thomas The Whole Benefits That Paper Brings, Written in 1588 13393

Cleland, John Memoirs of a Coxcomb 13322

Cornford, Frances Mountains and Molehills 13124

Corvo, Baron [Rolfe, Frederick William] Without Prejudice : One Hundred Letters From Frederick William Rolfe 'Baron Corvo' to John Lane 13473

Crane, Walter Renascence: A Book of Verse 13317

Davies, W. H. Moss and Feather 13614

Dreyfus, John William Caxton and His Quincentenary 13376

Drinkwater, John Cotswold Characters 13620

Dryden, John Alexander's Feast or the Power of Music: An Ode for Saint Cecilia's Day 1697 13517

Dudley, A. E. Family Tree and Other Poems 13157

Dunn, Henry Treffry Recollections of Dante Gabriel Rossetti & His Circle or Cheyne Walk Life 13365

Egerton-Warburton, R. E. Twenty-Two Sonnets 13129

Faulkner, Peter William Morris and W. B. Yeats 13320

Flecker, James Elroy Hassan, The Story of Hassan of Bagdad and How He Came to Make the Golden Journey to Samarkand 13012

Garnett, Edward An Imaged World: Poems in Prose 13318

Genet, Jean Querelle De Brest 13400

Graves, Robert Over the Brazier 13123

Hall, Edna Clarke Facets; A Book of Poems and Six Illustrations 13293

Hardy, Thomas An Indiscretion in the Life of an Heiress 13016

Hardy, Thomas Yuletide in a Younger World 13507

James, Angela The Art of Binding Books 13394

James, Arthur C. Songs of Sixpenny and Pupilroom Rippings, etc. 13163

Jefferies, Richard The Makers of Summer: An Essay 13373

Johnson, Ben Under-Woods. Consisting of Divers Poems 13125

Jouve, Paul; Fontaine, Jean Fables de Jean de La Fontaine illustrees par Paul Jouve. 13212

Kagawa, Bunichi Hidden Flame 13422

Lewis, Roger C. ; Lasner, Mark Samuels Poems and Drawings of Elizabeth Siddal 13364

Lovelock, Harry Leave Me the Summer 13154

Majid, Farida (Editor) Thursday Evening Anthology 13387

Manhood, H. A. Little Peter the Great 13131

Manhood, H. A. Little Peter the Great 13156

Miller, Alec Ruskin Re-Considered: An Essay By Alec Miller Read to Art-Workers' Guild on 1 February 1929 13374

Milton, John L'Allegro and Il Penseroso 13323

Monro, Harold ; Monro, Alida ; Eliot, T. S. The Collected Poems of Harold Monro, Edited By Alida Monro, with a Biographical Sketch By F.S. Flint and a Critical Note By T.S. Eliot 13162

Moore, George The Talking Pine 13516

Morris, Brian. The Ideal Book: Essays and Lectures on the Arts of the Book 13020

Morris, William ; Schmidt-Kunsemuller, F. A. (Editor) The Decorative Arts: Their Relation to Modern Life and Progress: Reprint of the Edition 1878, the Aims of Arts, Reprint of the Edition 1887 13155

Morris, William A Book of Verse 13611

Morris, William The Roots of the Mountains, Wherein is Told Somewhat of the Lives of the Men of Burgdale their Friends their Neighbours their Foemen and their Fellows in Arms 13366

Norwich, John Julius A Christmas Cracker: Being a Commonplace Selection: Issue 1983, 1986, 1987, 1988 and 1989 [5 Issue Set] 13159

Norwich, John Julius A Christmas Cracker: Being a Commonplace Selection: Issue 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993 and 1994 [5 Issue Set] 13161

Norwich, John Julius A Christmas Cracker: Being a Commonplace Selection: Issue 1996, 1997 and 1998 [3 Issue Set] 13160

Oesterley, W. O. E. ; Chair, Somerset De Roses of Sharon: Poems Chosen from the Flower of Ancient Hebrew Literature + Julius Caesar's Commentaries: A Modern Rendering + Bligh's Voyage in the Resource [Prospectuses] 13511

Pardoe, F. E. In Praise of John Baskerville 13392

Powys, T. F. Uncle Dottery: A Christmas Story 13296

Quennell, Peter Inscription on a Fountain-Head 13617

Redgrove, Peter The Sermon: A Prose-Poem 13158

Regnier, Henri de. Les recontres de M. de Breot 13274

Richards, J. M. The Castles on the Ground 13153

Rimbaud, Arthur ; Cameron, Norman A Season in Hell: Translated By Norman Cameron, with Drawings By Keith Vaughan and the Original French Text By Arthur Rimbaud 13152

Rossetti, D. G. The House of Life 13377

Russell, George A. E. Dark Weeping 13506

Sangorski, F. ; Sutcliffe, G. Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam: Translated Into English Verse By Edward Fitzgerald. With an Introduction by A.C. Benson. Reproduced from a Manuscript Written and Illuminated by F. Sangorski and G. Sutcliffe. 13390

Sassoon, Siegfried In Sicily 13615

Sassoon, Siegfried To My Mother 13616

Scott, Geoffrey A Box of Paints 13319

Shakespeare, William The Tragedie of Cymbeline 13132

Smythe, A. Egerton The balance of Life: A Biographical Sketch of the Life and Work of the Poet and Literary Critic: Henry Thomas, Mackenzie Bell 13315

Spenser, Edmund The Faerie Queene [2 Volume Set] 13197

Stacpoole, Alberic J. Towards the Twilight of Life 13509

Stewart, Carol Poems of Sleep and Dream 13121

Stopes, Marie Carmichael We Burn: Selected Poems of Marie Carmichael Stopes 13305

The Members of The Art Workers Guild Beauty's Awakening, a Masque of Winter and Spring 13325

Thomas, Dylan Death and Entrances: Poems 13119

Thomas, Edward The Trumpet and Other Poems 13118

Thomas, M. G. Lloyd Travellers' Verse 13122

Thompson, Edward Plays and Pageants 13321

Tree, Iris The Marsh Picnic 13367

Tute, George The Fleece Press Guide to the Art of Wood Engraving 13395

Tyan, Yan Tethera: Counting Sheep 13396

Various Authors A Chatto & Windus Miscellany 1928 13151

Various Authors The Dome: A Quarterly containing Examples of All the Arts [Number 1] 13285

Various Authors The Dome: A Quarterly Containing Examples of All the Arts A.D. 1897-8 13316

Waley, Arthur The Lady Who Loved Insects 13481

Wallis, John ; Rutter, Owen ; Rawson, Geoffrey A Croppe of Kisses: Selected Lyrics of Ben Johnson ; The First Fleet + The Record of the Foundation of Australia from Its Conception to the Settlement at Sydney Cove + Nelson's Letters: From the Leeward Islands [Prospectuses] 13512

Warde, Beatrice Stanley Morison: Man of Letters 13397

Watkins, Vernon Selected Verse Translations: With an Essay on the Translation of Poetry 13120