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Besleys Books Spring 2018 Catalogue

Private Press and Limited Editions Inventory

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Abney, Edward Letters to My Father 1660-1663 13142

Anon Ecclesiastes Reprinted from the Authorised Version 13471

Anon The Birth of Christ from the Gospel according to Saint Luke 13439

Anon The Song of Solomon According to the Authorised Version 13236

Anon; Wehrle, Pauline (translator) The Dream Song of Olaf Asteson 13244

Apuleius, Lucius Cupid and Psyches. The excellent narration of their marriage translated into English by William Adlington out of the Latine Books of the Golden Asse by Apuleus 1566 13269

Armstrong, Martin Saint Hercules and Other Stories 13291

Austen, Jane Frederic and Elfrida 13445

Ayling, Alan Folding Screen: Anthology of Chinese Lyrics 13414

Bacon, Francis Of Gardens 13229

Bagnold, Enid Poems 13306

Bagnold, Enid Letters to Frank harris, & Other Friends 13309

Balston, Thomas The Cambridge University Press Collection of Private Press Types. Kelmscott, Ashendene, Eragny, Cranach 13222

Barnard, Julian Anne Jope 13277

Barnfield, Richard ; Wakelin, Peter The Affectionate Shepheard 13476

Beerbohm, Max The Happy Hypocrite 13136

Benedictines of Stanbrook Christmas Lyrics - Fifteenth Century 13239

Benedictines of Stanbrook The Stanbrook Abbey Press: Ninety-Two Years of Its History 13204

Bewick, Thomas; Bain, Iain (editor) Thomas Bewick: His Last Autobiographical Notes 13250

Bidwell, John Fine papers at the Oxford University Press 13280

Bidwell, John Mattioli's herbal: a short account of its Illustrations 13447

Bishop, Hal More Who Do. And One Who Did 13494

Bishop, Hal Romantic Landscape - the wood engravings of Raymond Hawthorn 13492

Bishop, Hal Some Who Do and One Who Doesn't 13495

Blake, William Auguries of Innocence: Together with the Rearranement By Dr John Sampson and a Comment By Geoffrey Keynes Kt 13144

Blamires, David Adults Alphabets: Examples of English Press Alphabet Books from the last hundred years. With an Alphabetical description, copious illustrations and a checklist of Press Alphabet Books 13292

Blunt, Wilfred Scawen; Blunt, Lady Anne; Obeyd, Abu The Celebrated Romance of the Stealing of the Mare 13297

Blunt, Wilfrid Tulips & Tulipomania 13286

Blunt, Wilfrid Tulips & Tulipomania 13287

Blythe, Ronald First Friends: Paul and Bunty, John and Christine - and Carrington 13421

Boccaccio, Giovanni Ten Tales from the Decameron of Giovanni Boccaccio 13150

Bolton, Clare The Alembic Press Guide to Jaunts and rambles ofa Printing Nature that may be of interest to other Private Press Printers 13625

Bosley, Keith (translator) The Song of Songs 13438

Brangwyn, Frank Bookplates 13014

Brett, Simon Cross Section: Society of Wood Engravers in 1988 13408

Brown, Michelle P. (ed.) The Holkham Bible and Commentary 13231

Burrett, Edward Full Point: A Typographer Remembers 13141

Butcher, David The Stanbrook Abbey Press, 1956-1990 13419

Butcher, David The Whittington Press: A Bibliography 1982-93 13403

Campbell, Roy Poems 13462

Carter, Harry Graham Three Pieces: Baskerville's Influence : Bradley's Observations : Thomas Bensley As a Partner : As Originally Drafted By Harry Carter With An Introduction By Martyn Thomas and Anne Rogers 13434

Carter, Sebastian Miscellany 2: A New Collection of Work Completed or Projected, or Done to Display Types and Pictures, Printed at the Rampant Lions Press by Sebastian Carter 13472

Carter, Will ; Carter, Sebastian Portfolio One, Two and Three [3 Volume Set] 13198

Carter, Will ; Carter, Sebastian Portfolio Three: A Further Collection of Resettings, Specimen Settings & Display Settings Printed By Will & Sebastian Carter at the Rampant Lions Press, Cambridge, England, 1982 13143

Carter, Will The First 10 - Some Ground Covered at the Rampant Lions Press 1949-58 13261

Carter; Will and Sebastian The Rampant Lions Press Miscellany 13262

Cave, Roderick Chinese Ceremonial Papers. An Illustrated Bibliography 13218

Cervantes, Miguel De Don Quixote 13237

Charlotte B. The Testament of Charlotte B 13205

Chase, Owen; et al. Narratives of the Wreck of the Whale-Ship Essex 13255

Cleverdon, Douglas Stanley Morison and Eric Gill : 1925-1933 13424

Coghill, Nevill The Nun's Priest Tale of Chaucer: Newly Rendered Into Modern English 13138

Congreve, William The Complete Works of William Congreve 13243

Connors, Sandy Busy As A Bee. Recipes and Labels for the Kitchen Garden 13278

Connors, Sandy Busy As A Bee. Recipes and Labels for the Kitchen Garden 13429

Constant, Samuel Victor Calls, Sounds & Merchandise of the Peking Street Peddlers 13206

Cooke, Elanor December 13247

Coppard, A. E. Yokohama Garland and Other Poems 13270

Coventry, Francis The History of Pompey the Little, or, The Life and Adventures of a Lap-Dog 13233

Cox, Morris The Curtain: An Allegory of Inspiration 13307

Crutchley, Brooke A Printer's Christmas Books 13186

Crutchley, Brooke Two Men: Walter Lewis and Stanley Morison at Cambridge 13502

Currie, Kit Mr Dench's Horse or, Life in the Antiquarian Book Trade 13240

Curwen Press British Transport Commission: British Railways: Your Trains from 14 September [Broadsheet] 13514

Curwen Press Type Faces in Use at the Curwen Press: Together with a Selection of Printers' Flowers, Swelled Rules, Vignettes, Borders & c. 13149

Dalby, Claire et al. The Great Storm of October 1987 and its Aftermath : Five Wood Engravings 13478

Davies, J. Michael The Private Press at Gregynog 13148

Donne, John; Lawrence, Simon (editior) Mud Walls: excerpts from the sermons of John Donne 13259

Dreyfus, John Italic Quartet: A Record of the Collaboration Between Harry Kessler, Edward Johnston, Emery Walker and Edward Prince in Making the Cranach Press Italic 13188

Ellis, F. S. (editor) Syr Ysambrace 13249

Enright, D. J. The Year of the Monkey 13382

Evans, George Ewart Ask the Fellows who Cut the Hay 13216

Evans, Thomas Letters of Athanasius: Alexandrian Personae 13145

Farrow, John Seven Poems in Pattern 13470

Flint, Sir William Russell The Lisping Goddess: A Figurehead Fantasy 13420

Fontenelle, Bernard De A Plurality of Worlds: John Glanvill's Translation with a Prologue By David Garnett 13133

Fortescue, J. W. The Story of a Red-Deer 13624

Foster, Peter; Peters, John Vitis vera : the mystic symbol of the Church of Christ as used in passages from the Vulgate edition of the holy Bible and from the translation of 1611 13411

Freedman, Barnett Tone, Texture, Light and Shade. A Barnett Freedman Album 13437

Gant, Roland Mountains in the Mind 13608

Gant, Roland Steps to the River 13264

Gascoigne, George A Hundreth Sundrie Flowres: From the Original Edition 13139

Gawsworth, John Mishka and Madeleine - A Poem Sequence for Marcia 13011

Gentleman, David Bridges on the Backs; A Series of Drawings 13457

Gibbings, Robert Fourteen wood engravings. From drawings made on Orient Line Cruises 13466

Gilonis, Harry Forty Fungi : Forty Poems 13446

Godman, Ernest Norman Architecture in Essex 13623

Golding, Louis Pale Blue Nightgown 13430

Graham, Rigby Kippers & Sawdust 13279

Graham, Rigby; Brown, Michael Woodcuts And Words 13018

Graham, Rigby; Yorke, Malcolm Rigby Graham Sketchbook Drawings. A Lifetime Of Drawing 13017

Graves, Robert Welchman's Hose 13461

Gray, Thomas Elegy written in a Country Church-Yard 13619

Greenwood, W. Hymns: Selected for Use at Abberley Hall 13378

Greer, Rowan A. The Sermon on the Mount 13195

Hansard, Luke The Auto-biography of Luke Hansard, Written in 1817 13251

Hanscomb, Brian Cornwall, an Interior Vision. 13440

Hanscomb, Brian The Phoenix. Copper-engravings & Haiku 13425

Hanscomb, Brian The Phoenix. Copper-engravings & Haiku 13426

Hanscomb, Brian. Cornwall, an Interior Vision. 13223

Hart, Capt. B.H. Liddell; Storrs, Sir Ronald Lawrence of Arabia 13413

Hartley, Marie The Yorkshire Dales 13260

Hartley, Marie The Yorkshire Dales. A further Selection 13258

Harvey, Michael Reynolds Stone: Engraved Lettering in Wood 13418

Hassall, Joan ; Lee, Brian N. (editor) Dearest Joana: A Selection of Joan Hassall's Lifetime Letters and Art 13232

Hassall, Joan ; Lee, Brian N. (editor) Dearest Sydney: Joan Hassall's Letters to Sydney Cockerell - From Italy and France, April-May, 1950 13609

Heyer, Georgette A Balloon Incident from Frederica 13019

Hodgson, Ralph The Bull 13451

Hodgson, Ralph The Mystery and Other Poems 13454

Hodgson, Ralph The Song of Honour 13453

Holbein, Hans; Dobson, Austin (introduction) The Dance of Death 13004

Hollyband, Claudius ; Erondell, Peter The Elizabethan Home Discovered in 2 Dialogues 13007

Hopkins, Gerard Manley Pied Beauty 13276

Horovitz, Michael Midsummer Morning Jog Log 13407

Hughes, Ted The Best Worker in Europe 13146

Hughes, Ted A Few Crows 13228

Jackson, Holbrook Catalogue Raisonne of Books Printed at the Curwen Press 1920-1923 13183

James, Norman G. Brett; Williams, Duncan ; Haynes, E.S.P. et al On Edward Thomas 13185

Jefferies, Richard By the Brook: Edited and with an Introduction By George Miller 13147

Jefferies, Richard ; Clare, John ; Thomas, Edward Sun, Sea & Earth 13427

Jefferies, Richard ; Clare, John ; Thomas, Edward Sun, Sea & Earth 13436

Jefferies, Richard By the Brook 13458

Jefferies, Richard The Birth of a Naturalist 13380

Johnson, Ruth and Foster A Sentimental Journey to the Bodleian Library & Kelmscott Manor 13265

Johnson, Ruth and Foster Kelmscott Revisited 13266

Johnson, Samuel The Vanity of Human Wishes. The Tenth Satire of Juvenal Imitated 13238

Jones, David, (illustrator) The Book of Jonah. Taken from the Authorised Version of King James I 13257

Jones, Gwyn (translator) Sir Gawain and the Green Knight 13271

Joyce, James The Dead from Dubliners 13463

Knowles, Richard (Introduction) The Death of Charles Stothard. An Eyewitness Account 13444

Knowles, Richard ; Routh, Pauline The Harewood Alabasters, Drawings By H.D. Pritchett 13263

Kynoch Press The Kynoch Press Notebook for 1949 13381

L'Estrange, Sir Roger (trans.) ; Aesop The Fables of Aesop 13487

Lamb, Charles Elia and the Last Essays of Elia 13215

Lane, Allen Boxwood & Graver: A Miscellany of Blocks 13182

Lawrence, T. E. (trans.) Two Arabic Folk Tales 13490

Lee, Brian North Bookplates and Labels by Leo Wyatt 13217

Lee, Brian North Bookplates and Labels by Leo Wyatt 13488

Lee, Brian North Bookplates by Richard Shirley Smith 13468

Lee, Brian North Bookplates by Simon Brett 13605

Lindsley, Kathleen Pub Signs for Samuel Webster: Forty-one Wood-Engravings 13281

Longus; Traduction de Messire J. Amyot Les Amours Pastorales de Daphnis et Chloe 13211

Lydgate, John The Life of St Edmund King and Martyr [2 Volume Set in Slipcase] 13193

MacCaig, Norman Three Manuscript Poems 13191

Macfall, Haldane The Book of Lovat 13455

MacGregor, Miriam Diary Of An Apple Tree 13294

McAlpine, John Genuine Narratives and Concise Memoirs of some of the most interesting exploits and Singular Adventures of John M'Alpine, a Native Highlander.... 13480

McCord, Margaret and Graham, Rigby Abbeys And Churches 13214

McCord, Margaret and Graham, Rigby Tower Houses And Ten Pound Castles 13245

McKay, Barry An Introduction to Chapbooks 13443

McLachlan, Dame Laurentia Stanbrook Abbey: A Sketch of its History 1625-1925 13431

McLean, Ruari (Editor) Motif 3, September 1959 13194

Milton, John On the morning of Christ's nativity: Milton's Hymn 13417

Milton, John On the Morning of Christ's Nativity: Milton's Hymn 13465

Montaigne, Michel De; John Florio (Translator) Montaigne's Essays 13225

Morris, William William Morris: The Two Sides of the River and Other Sorrows 13140

Morris, William Gothic Architecture: A Lecture For The Arts And Crafts Exhibition 13230

Motion, Andrew et al. A Winchester Folio: Ten poems by poets who have given readings at Winchester School of Art with ten etchings by staff and students in the printmaking Department 13475

Mott, M. J. The Coach House in Gainsborough's Garden : A Short History of the Early Years of Gainsborough's House Print Workshop Written to Mark its Thirtieth Anniversary 1979-2009 13459

Mozley, Charles Wolperiana: An Illustrated Guide to Berthold L. Wolpe 13135

Musaeus; Chapman, George (translator) Hero & Leander; The Divine Poem of Musaeus 13235

Nash, John Mr Cobden-Sanderson's two-handed engine 13428

Nash, Paul Dear Mercia: Paul Nash Letters to Mercia Oakley, 1909-18 13268

Perkins, Israel A Song in Favour of Bundling 13246

Phipps, Howard Further interiors: Wood-engravings 13423

Piech, Paul Peter War and Misery. A Portfolio of 12 Original Woodcuts 13435

Plath, Sylvia Child 13190

Plato Symposium of Plato 13213

Playfair, Kate The Narrow Ledge 13184

Pound, Dorothy Shakespear ; Merchant, Moelwyn Etruscan Gate: A Notebook with Drawings and Watercolours 13192

Powys, Llewelyn Glory of Life 13219

Puskin, Alexander Sergeyevich] The Tale of the Golden Cockerel. 13248

Putnam, Samuel The World of Jean De Bosschere: A Monograph By Samuel Putnam and with a Letter of Paul Valery 13383

Randle, John and Rosalind Matrix 1. A Review for Printers and Bibliophiles 13404

Randle, John and Rosalind Matrix 1. A Review for Printers and Bibliophiles 13405

Randle, John and Rosalind Matrix 1. A Review for Printers and Bibliophiles 13406

Randle, John and Rosalind Matrix 11: A Review for Printers and Bibliophiles 13604

Randle, John and Rosalind Matrix 4. A Review for Printers and Bibliophiles 13600

Randle, John and Rosalind Matrix 4. A Review for Printers and Bibliophiles 13600a

Randle, John and Rosalind Matrix 5. A Review for Printers and Bibliophiles 13601

Randle, John and Rosalind Matrix 5. A Review for Printers and Bibliophiles 13601a

Randle, John and Rosalind Matrix 6. A Review for Printers and Bibliophiles 13602

Randle, John and Rosalind Matrix 7. A Review for Printers and Bibliophiles 13603

Randle, John and Rosalind Matrix 7. A Review for Printers and Bibliophiles 13603a

Randle, Rosalind Rose's Aga Recipes, 13284

Read, Herbert Design and Tradition: the Design Oration (1961) of the Society of Industrial Artists 13433

Reddick, Peter Land, Sea & Sky 13464

Reed, Henry Lessons of War 13267

Rieu, E. V. (trans.) St. Mark's Gospel : A New Translation from the Greek 13482

Rogers, Bruce Report on the Typography of the Cambridge University Press 13474

Rogerson, Ian Moods and Tenses. The Portraits and Characters of Peter Reddick 13489

Roi, Le Lois The Art of Printing 13491

Ronsard, Pierre de. Abregé de L'Art Poetique François 13005

Ruskin, John The Nature of Gothic: A Chapter of the Stones of Venice 13242

Russell, richard; John Gray; Tom Walters Edward Walters: Printer & Engraver 13467

Rylands, George A Distraction of Wits Nurtured in Elizabethan Cambridge : An Anthology 13006

Sandeman, Christopher Thyme and Bergamot 13503

Sandford, Christopher et al Chanticleer: A Bibliography of the Golden Cockerel Press April 1921-August 1936 13460

Scarre, Alice Mary An Introduction to Liturgical Latin 13618

Shuster, George N. Saint Thomas Aquinas: Selections Form His Works Made By George N. Shuster 13196

Simon, Oliver ; Child, Harold [Editors] The Bibliophile's Almanack for 1927 13181

Simon, Oliver [Foreword] The Double Crown Club: Register of Past and Present Members 13504

Simon, Oliver Curwen Press Miscellany 13299

Simon, Oliver Specimen Book of Types & Ornaments (A) in use at the Curwen Press 13298

Stallworthy, Jon A Dinner of Herbs 13189

Stephens, James Five New Poems 13452

Strabo, Walafrid Hortulus or the Little Garden 13003

Strouse, Norman H.; Dreyfus, John C-S The Master Craftsman. An account of the work of T.J. Cobden-Sanderson [and] Cobden Sanderson's partnership with Emery Walker 13412

Suckling, Sir John A Ballad Upon a Wedding 13496

Summers, Rev. Montague Covent Garden Drollery 13137

Swift, Jonathan Directions to Servants 13220

Symons, A.J.A; Meynell, Francis; Flower, Desmond The Nonesuch Century An Appraisal, a Personal Note and a Bibliography of the first hundred books issued by the Press 1923-1934 13409

Tanner, Heather & Robin A Country Alphabet 13486

Tanner, Heather Wiltshire Village 13207

Tew, David Sewstern Lane 13241

Tew, David; Graham, Rigby Deserted Cornish Tin Mines [and] The Cornish Scene Two [ 2 Volume Set ] 13224

Theroux, Paul The Shortest Day of the Year - A Christmas Fantasy: With Three Typographical Constructions by Sebastian Carter 13234

Thomas, Edward Chosen Essays 13308

Thomas, Edward Edward Thomas. A Centenary Celebration with Etchings by Arthur Neal 13275

Thomas, Edward Eight Poems. A Selection of Edward Thomas poems illustrated with Etchings 13401

Thomas, H. A. W. The Development of Printing Types [Broadsheet] 13515

Thomas, Helen A Memory of W.H. Hudson 13469

Thorp, Joseph Apropos the Unicorn: A Few Candid Notes 13416

Tinkey, Chauncey B. ; Rollins, Carl P. Addresses Commemorating the One Hundredth Anniversary of the Birth of William Morris Delivered Before the Yale Library Associates in the Sterling Memorial Library, XXIX October MCMXXXIV 13187

Trypanis, C. Z The Elegies of a Glass Adonis 13477

Various Authors Poems for Alan Hancox 13310

Various Dear Alec. A Tribute for His Eightieth Birthday from Friends Known and Unknown 13288

Various Sermons by Artists 13295

Various The English Bible : Volume V The New Testament 13256

Vaughan, Henry Poems 13622

Vida, M. The Game of Chess : done into English from the Latin of M. Vida 13002

Voltaire, M. De The Princess of Babylon 13134

Wade-Gery, H. T. Terpsichore & Other Poems 13200

Walker, Alan Enitharmon Press: A Checklist 1987-2002 13450

Watson, James Rules and Directions to be Obferved in Printing Houses 13499

Weissenborn, Hellmuth Hellmuth Weissenborn: Engraver 13448

Weissenborn, Hellmuth London Scenes 13456

Welch, Denton I Left my Grandfather's House 13227

Whistler, Mr. Mr. Whistler's Ten O'Clock: As Delivered in London, Cambridge and at Oxford: Together with His Propositions and Propositions No. 2 13180

Whittington Press Broadside Alphabet from Miscellany of Type [Single Sheet] 13513

Wilson, Enid A Lakeland Diary 13273

Wilson, L. M. The Old Bookseller 13226

Woolnough, C.W. A Pretty Mysterious Art 13610