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Besleys Books Spring 2019 Catalogue Inventory

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Amuchastegui, Axel Some Birds and Mammals of North America 14458
Amuchastegui, Axel Some Birds and Mammals of South America 14459
Andreae, Christopher Winifred Nicholson 14382
Anon Judith. Reprinted from the Revised Version of the Apocrypha 14379
Anon The Book of Tobit and the History of Susanna 14429
Armitage, Merle Rockwell Kent 14081
Armstrong, Martin Desert, a Legend 14392
Astbury, Anthony My W.S. Graham Wall. 14022
Austen, Jane Love and Freindship And Other Early Works From the Original Ms. By Jane Austen. With a Preface by G.K. Chesterton 14355
Austen, Jane Northanger Abbey 14461
Baillie Scott, M.H. Houses and Gardens: Arts and Crafts interiors 14451
Balston, Thomas The Wood-Engravings of Robert Gibbings 14053
Bawden, Edward A Book of Cuts 14097
Bawden, Edward Edward Bawden: The Art of Design 14096
Bawden, Edward The Delectable History of Fortnum & Mason 14420
Beardsley, Aubrey et al. The Yellow Book. An illustrated Quarterly [ 13 Volume Set ] 14460
Beerbohm, Max The Happy Hypocrite: A Fairy Tale for Tired Men 14235
Bennett, Jeanne Hidden Treasures: The History and Technique of Fore-edge Painting 14462
Berry, Wendell November Twenty Six Nineteen Hundred Sixty Three 14044
Betjeman, John A Catalogue of Works by Sir John Betjeman from the Collection of Ray Carter with an Unpublished Poem 14414
Binyon, Laurence William Strang. Catalogue of his Etched Work 14422
Blake, William Eight Songs of William Blake 14237
Blake, William The Writings of William Blake [3 Volume set] 14300
Bliss, Douglas Percy Edward Bawden 14114
Blythe, Dr. Ronald ; Greenwood, Jeremy John Nash's Cats 14380
Bone, Gertrude Of the Western Isles 14202
Bowe, Nicola Gordon Harry Clarke : His Graphic Art 14455
Braby, Dorothea The Commandments 14271
Breton, Nicholas The Twelve Moneths and Christmas Day 14393
Brett, Simon An Engraver's Progress: Simon Brett, Fifty Years of Wood Engraving 14443
Brett, Simon Reflections on the River Thames : its past in texts from several hands ; its present in wood Engravings 14409
Bridges, Robert Poems 14244
Brooke, Rupert The Great Lover 14374
Browning, Robert Home Thoughts from Abroad 14377
Burne-Jones, Sir Edward Letters To Katie 14145
Bury, Adrian Shadow of Eros: A Biographical and Critical Study of the Life and Works of Sir Alfred Gilbert 14255
Campbell, Colin William Nicholson: The Graphic Work 14085
Chaucer, Geoffrey The Works of Geoffrey Chaucer [Facsimile of the Kelmscott Chaucer] 14401
Chesterton, G. K. Gloria in Profundis 14320
Cleverdon, Douglas Engravings of David Jones: A Survey 14141
Cobbett, William Cobbett's Rural Rides. In the southern, western and eastern counties of England, together with Tours in Scotland and in the Northern and Midland Counties of England, and Letters from Ireland by William Cobbett. [ 3 Volume Set ] 14343
Coleridge, Samuel Taylor The Rime of the Ancient Mariner 14214
Cowley, Abraham : Sparrow, John (editor] The Mistress with Other Select Poems of Abraham Cowley 1618 -1667 14148
Cumming, Elizabeth The Art of Modern Tapestry: Dovecot Studios Since 1912 14153
Curtis, Simon Views and Other Poems 14171
Daglish, Eric Fitch Animals in Black and White : The Larger Beasts. The Smaller Beasts. The Larger Birds. The Smaller Birds. Reptiles. Fishes & Sea Animals. [ 6 volume Set ] 14210
Darton, F. J. Hervey Modern Book-Illustration in Great Britain & America 14101
De La Mare, Walter On the Edge. Short Stories 14118
De La Mare, Walter Songs of Childhood 14397
Dobson, Margaret Block-Cutting and Print-Making by Hand: From Wood, Linoleum and Other Media 14134
Drinkwater, John Collected Poems [ 2 Volume Set ] 14441
Drinkwater, John From The German: Verses Written From The German Poets 14330
Drury, Michael Wandering Architects: In Pursuit of an Arts and Crafts Ideal 14431
Dunn, Henry T. Recollections of Dante Gabriel Rossetti and his Circle (Cheyne Walk Life) 14254
Emerson, Peter Henry Wild Life on a Tidal Water. The Adventures of a House-Boat and her Crew. 14450
Euripides; Aldington, Richard [translator] Alcestis 14028
Eustace, Katharine The Wood Engravings of Gertrude Hermes and Blair Hughes-Stanton 14165
Evans, Frederick H. (editor) Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam. A Variorum Edition of Edward Fitzgerald's Renderings into English Verse. 14150
Fitzgerald, Edward (translator) Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám. The Astronomer Poet of Persia. Rendered Into English Verse 14449
Flint, W. Russell Breakfast in Perigord 14404
Flint, W. Russell Models of Propriety 14430
Flint, W. Russell The Idyls of Theocritus, Duplicate Set of Plates (only) 14366
French, Cecil ( Intro.) T. Sturge Moore: Modern Woodcutters No 3. 14086
Furst, Herbert The Woodcut - An Annual II 14203
Furst, Herbert The Woodcut - An Annual III 14076
Furst, Herbert The Woodcut - An Annual IV 14204
Galsworthy, John Caravan: The Assembled Tales of John Galsworthy 14121
Galsworthy, John The Silver Spoon 14369
Geldart, William Geldart's Cheshire 14067
Goldman, Paul Victorian Illustration: The Pre-Raphaelites, the Idyllic School and the High Victorians 14107
Graves, Robert The More Deserving Cases. Eighteen Old Poems for Reconsideration 14119
Greene, Robert Greene's Groats-Worth of Wit, Bought with a Million of Repentance 14308
Greenwood, John F. Twenty Four Woodcuts of Cambridge 14110
Gross, Mary and Peter (editors) Anthony Gross 14260
Hardy, Thomas The Dynasts: an Epic-drama of the War with Napoleon, in Three Parts, Nineteen Acts, and One Hundred and Thirty Scenes, the Time covered by the Action being about Ten Years [ 3 Volume Set ] 14160
Hawthorne, Nathaniel The Scarlet Letter 14370
Hewlett, Maurice (translator) The Iliad of Homer: the First Twelve Staves 14068
Hudson, Stephen Celeste and Other Sketches 14383
Hughes-Stanton, Penelope The Wood Engravings of Blair Hughes-Stanton 14109
Huxley, Aldous Essays New and Old 14120
Huxley, Aldous Leda 14319
Imao Keinen Flowers and Birds from Imao Keinen's Album 14001
Jobert, Barthélémy Delacroix 14154
Johnson, Samuel London : A Poem 14142
Jones, Paul ; Wilfred Blunt (text) Flora Superba 14130
Keats, John The Poems of John Keats Arranged in Chronological Order 14342
Keats, John To Autumn 14376
Keown, Eric The Tale of an Old Tweed Jacket 14071
Laclos, Choderlos De; Ernest Dowson (translator) Les Liaisons Dangereuses. Or lettered collected in a private society and published for the instruction of others. 14117
Lai, T. C. Chinese Decorated Letter-paper 14421
Layard, George Somes Tennyson and his Pre-Raphaelite Illustrators. 14051
Leighton, Clare Woodcuts: Examples of the Work of Clare Leighton 14289
Leighton, Clare Wood-Engravings and Woodcuts ("How to Do It" Series No. 2) 14416
Longus Daphnis & Chloe. Translated out of the Greek of Longus by George Thornley in 1657. 14041
Machen, Arthur Dreads and Drolls 14312
Mansfield, Katherine Poems 14151
Mazer, Ben Rockwell Kent's Bookplate For John Whiting Friel 14434
McCrae, Hugh Satyrs and Sunlight: being the Collected Poetry of Hugh McCrae 14454
McLean Ruari (editor) Motif. Journal of the Visual Arts. No.1 November 1958 14222
Metcalf, John London A to Z 14090
Milton, John Paradise Regained 14281
Moore, George Vain Fortune 14127
Moore, Sturge Mystery and Tragedy: Two Dramatic Poems 14410
Morison, Stanley Typographic Design in Relation to Photographic Composition, with Introduction by John Carter 14129
Mornand, Pierre Trente Artistes du Livre 14249
Morris, William & Co. Metal Casements, Stained Glass, Decorative Ironwork 14208
Murdoch, Iris Year of Birds: Poems 14395
Murdoch, IRIS Year of Birds: Poems 14405
Nicholson, Winifred Flower Tales 14419
Nin, Anais Nuances 14390
O'Neill, Morna Art and Labour's Cause is One: Walter Crane and Manchester, 1880-1915 14103
Oliver Green; Alan Powers Away We Go! Advertising London's Transport 14371
Peake, Mervyn A Reverie of Bone, and Other Poems. 14453
Pery, Jenny A Being More Intense: The Art of Six Wood Engravers 14060
Phillips, Phillip A. S. Paul de Lamerie, Citizen and Goldsmith of London, a Study of His Life and Work A.D. 1688 - 1751 14268
Plato; Birrell, Francis, and Shane Leslie (translators) Plato's Symposium or Supper 14276
Powell, Lawrence Clark Madeleine 14384
Powys, T. F. The Key in the Field 14391
Pryor, William (editor) Virginia Woolf and the Raverats Limited Edition: A Different Sort of Friendship 14273
Ravilious, Eric. For Shop Use Only: Eric Ravilious: Curwen & Dent Stock Blocks and Devices 14049
Reid, Forrest Illustrators of the Sixties 14087
Ricketts, Charles Unrecorded Histories 14402
Ross, Margery (editor) Robert Ross: Friend of Friends Letters to Robert Ross, Art Critic and Writer, together with Extracts from his Published Articles 14106
Ruskin, John John Ruskin, On Himself and Things in General 14144
Russell, Judith The Wood-Engravings of Gertrude Hermes 14115
Sacheverell, Sitwell The Cyder Feast and Other Poems 14149
Salaman, M. C. Modern Book Illustrators and Their Work 14251
Sedding, John D. Art and Handicraft 14108
Shaw, Bernard Shaw on Women (Ellen Clarke Betrand Library Limited edition) 14388
Shaw, Bernard; Beerbohm, Max Bernard Shaw and Max Beerbohm at Covent Garden 14176
Shelley, Percy Bysshe Ode to the West Wind 14373
Siddal, Elizabeth Poems and Drawings of Elizabeth Siddal 14413
Simpson, N. F. Snippets 14089
Sitwell, Edith The Collected Poems of Edith Sitwell 14125
Skelton, Christopher (editor) Eric Gill: The Engravings 14310
Sketchley, R. E. D. English Book Illustration of To-day : appreciations of the work of living English illustrators, with lists of their Books 14253
Sleigh, Bernard Wood Engraving since Eighteen-Ninety, with 80 Illustrations from the Works of Past and Contemporary Engravers - and Many Practical Hints Upon Its Technique and Uses 14040
Squire, J. C. Twelve Poems. Decorations by A.Spare, cut on wood by W.Quick 14279
Swift, Jonathan Baucis and Philemon 14372
Swinburne, Algernon Charles Songs Before Sunrise 14161
Swinburne, Algernon Charles The Garden of Proserpine 14375
Symons, Arthur (editor) The Savoy [ 3 Volume Set ] 14265
Symons, Arthur Confessions: A Study in Pathology 14389
Thackeray, William Makepeace The Heroic Adventures of M. Boudin 14224
Thwaite, Anthony Telling Tales 14442
Timmermans, Felix Saint Nicholas in Distress 14439
Tolstoy, Leo War and Peace 14215
Verdet, Andre Georges Braque Le Solitaire 14061
Victoria and Albert Museum Roman Lettering; A Book of Alphabets and Inscriptions 14091
Walker, R. A. A Beardsley Miscellany 14128
Waugh, Alec On Doing What Ones Likes 14195
Wilde, Oscar Salome: A Tragedy in One Act 14243
Williams, Miles Vaughan Hylas and Other Poems 14394
Williamson, George C. ; Engleheart, Henry George Engleheart 1750-1829. Miniature Painter to George III 14166
Wilmot, John. Earl of Rochester; John Hayward (editor) Collected Works of John Wilmot, Earl of Rochester 14138