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Besleys Books Spring 2019 Catalogue Inventory

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Anon Cosmetics For My Lady, Good Fare For My Lord 14198
Anon Five Ballads About Robin Hood 14280
Anon Psalter or Psalms of David, Taken from the Book of Common Prayer 14059
Arnold, Matthew Empedocles on Etna. A Dramatic Poem 14263
Ashendene Press The Wisdom of Jesus, the Son of Sirach, commonly called Ecclesiasticus 14241
Ashendene Press; Hornby, C. H. St. John A Descriptive Bibliography of the Books Printed at The Ashendene Press MDCCCXCV-MCMXXXV 14242
Ashwin, E. Allen (translator) The Letters of a Portugese Nun 14336
Azmi, Iftikhar, Translator The Garden of the Night, Twenty-Six Sufi Poems 14024
Bagnold, Enid Letters to Frank Harris, & Other Friends 14435
BatES, H. E. The House With The Apricot and Two Other Tales 14278
Beerbohm, Max Zuleika Dobson 14021
Bennet, Ivor The Amazons: A Novel 14323
Bewick, Thomas; Bain, Iain (editor) Thomas Bewick: His Last Autobiographical Notes 14238
Bierce, Ambrose Battle Sketches 14188
Binyon, Laurence Brief Candles 14348
Blamires, David Margaret Pilkington 1891-1974 14272
Booth, George G. The Pleasures of Planting and Other Thoughts 14178
Bourdillon, Francis William (editor) C'est d'Aucassin et de Nicolette 14331
Bowen, Elizabeth et al. Consequences : A Complete Story in the Manner of the Old Parlour Game in Nine Chapters Each by a Different Author 14197
Brett, Frederick A. The History of F.J. Head & Co 14159
Brett, Simon Mr. Derrick Harris 1919 - 1960 14329
Browning, Robert Dramatic Romances and Lyrics 14417
Burns, Robert Songs from Robert Burns. Selected by A.E. Coppard 14440
Butcher, David Chinese Papercuts - Offprint from Matrix 4 14177
Butcher, David The Whittington Press: A Bibliography 1971-1981 14368
Butcher, David, Randle, John The Whittington Press : A Bibliography 1971-1981 14223
Caesar, Julius; Somerset de Chair Julius Caesar's Commentaries. A Modern Rendering 14181
Campion, Thomas Fifty Songs 14386
Carew, Thomas A Rapture 14326
Chamfort, Sebastien-Roch-Nicolas De Maxims and Considerations of Chamfort 14073
Chatterton, Thomas Rowley Poems of Thomas Chatterton 14261
Chaucer, Geoffrey The Romaunt of the Rose 14426
Clare, John John Clare : Verses for His Children 14065
Clarke, Gillian Harvest at Mynachlog 14183
Clay, Enid The Constant Mistress 14064
Clay, Enid The Constant Mistress 14350
Clemo, Jack Clay Cuts 14045
Cobden-Sanderson, Thomas James Ecce Mundus. Industrial Ideals and The Book Beautiful 14035
Coleridge, Samuel Taylor The Rime of the Ancient Mariner 14225
Coleridge, Samuel Taylor The Rime of the Ancient Mariner 14264
Constable, Henry The Poems & Sonnets of Henry Constable 14403
Cook, Olive Tryphema Pruss: the Ghost of Great Lodge 14327
Coppard, A. E. Rummy. That Noble Game Expounded in Prose, Poetry, Diagram and Engraving by. and Robert Gibbings. With an Account of Certain Diversions into the Mountain Fastnesses of Cork and Kerry 14196
Cory, William Johnson Rhymes After Horace: Six Verse Translations 14173
Craig, John Britten's Aldeburgh 14316
Cynwal, Wiliam In Defence of Woman 14364
Davies, John Church Cuts: Seven East Anglian Churches in Cuts 14438
Davies, Rhys Daisy Matthews and Three Other Tales 14274
De Bury, Richard Philobiblon 14046
Donne, John The Holy Sonnets of John Donne 14063
Donne, John The Holy Sonnets of John Donne 14318
Donne, John X Sermons. Chosen from the Whole Body of Donne's Sermons by Geoffrey Keynes. 14189
Doves Bindery; Arnold, Matthew Poems [ 3 Volume set] 14464
Doves Press ; [Francis, Saint.] Laudes Creaturarum 14306
Ellis, Havelock (translator) The Song of Songs as a Drama by Ernest Renan 14192
Ewart, Gavin A Cluster of Clerihews 14054
Fanthorpe, U. A. Painter & Poet. Three Poems By U.A. Fanthorpe. Wood-Engravings By Simon Brett. 14170
Faraday, Winifred (translator) The Wisdom of the Cymry, translated from the Welsh Triads 14357
Farquhar, George The Complete Works of George Farquhar 14427
Fielding, Henry The Adventures of Joseph Andrews. Edited with Introduction and Notes by J. Paul de Castro 14190
Fitzgibbon, Constantine Watcher in Florence 14030
Flaubert, Gustave Un Coeur Simple 14335
Flinders, Matthew Matthew Flinders' Narrative of his Voyage in the Schooner Francis: 1798 Preceded and Followed by Notes on Flinders, Bass, the Wreck of the Sidney Cove, &c., by Geoffrey Rawson 14349
Francis, Julian Tom Chadwick: and the Grosvenor School of Modern Art 14168
Franklin, Colin Poets of the Daniel Press 14066
Franklin, Colin Printing and the Mind of Morris. Three Paths to the Kelmscott Press 14037
Franklin, Colin Printing and the Mind of Morris. Three Paths to the Kelmscott Press 14406
Fremantle, Anne Poems 1921 - 1931 14418
Gantillon, Simon Maya. A Play by Simon Gantillon, Paraphrased into English by Virginia & Frank Vernon, with XIII Wood Engravings by Blair Hughes-Stanton 14199
Garamond Press A Folder of specimens from the Garamond Press 14157
Garlick, Raymond Agincourt 14184
Garnett, David Never be a Bookseller 14411
Gautier, Theophile; Powys Mathers, R. & E. (Translators) Mademoiselle de Maupin 14299
Gibbings, Robert A Tale of Two Benches 14437
Gill, Eric (illustrator) The Four Gospels of the Lord Jesus Christ According to the Authorised Version of King James I 14266
Gill, Eric (illustrator) The Four Gospels of the Lord Jesus Christ According to the Authorised Version of King James I 14267
Gill, Eric Art & Prudence an Essay 14360
Gill, Eric Christianity and Art 14337
Gill, Eric Clothes: An Essay upon the Nature and Significance of the Natural and Artificial Integuments Worn by Men and Women 14317
Gill, Eric The Lord's Song. A Sermon 14359
Gill, Eric The Way of the Cross : being devotions on the progress of our Lord Jesus Christ from the Judgment Hall to Calvary as traditionally venerated by the Catholic Church 14228
Gill, Eric The Way of the Cross, being Devotions on the Progress of Our Lord Jesus Christ from the Judgement Hall to Calvary as Traditionally Venerated by the Catholic Church 14232
Gill, Eric; Pepler, Hilary In Petra, being a sequel to Nisi Dominus 14332
Golden Cockerel Press Chanticleer A Bibliography of the Golden Cockerel Press April 1921-August 1936 14211
Golden Cockerel Press Cockalorum: A Sequel to Chanticleer and Pertelote. Being a Bibliography of the Golden Cockerel Press, June 1943 to December 1948 14213
Grammont, Sieur De; Simpson, Helen [trans.] Heartsease and Honesty. Being the Pastimes of the Sieur de Grammont steward to the Duc de Richelieu in Touraine. Taken from his notebooks written in French never before printed & here made English by Helen Simpson 14444
Gray, Thomas Elegy Written in a Country Church-yard 14162
Greenwood, John The Wood Engravings of John Nash 14345
Grubb, Dave A Country Alphabet 14032
Guevara, Don Antonio De The Praise and Happinesse of the Countrie-Life 14415
Haberly, Loyd Anne Boleyn and Other Poems 14291
Haberly, Loyd Echo and other Poems 14295
Haberly, Loyd John Apostate. An Idyl of the Quays 14292
Haberly, Loyd The Crowning Year and Other Poems 14294
Haberly, Loyd The Crowning Year and Other Poems 14296
Harland, Henry To Theo Marzials: A Sonnet 14175
Hartnoll, Phyllis The Grecian Enchanted 14304
Herrick, Robert One Hundred and Eleven Poems 14143
Herrick, Robert One Hundred and Eleven Poems 14347
Hodgson, Herbert Herbert Hodgson Printer. Work for T.E. Lawrence & at Gregynog 14031
Hodgson, Herbert Herbert Hodgson, Printer: Work for T.E. Lawrence & at Gregynog 14233
Hooke, Robert Micrographia 14077
Hughes, Richard Gipsy-Night and Other Poems 14305
James I, King of Scotland The Kingis Quair 14033
Johnson, Abraham, [Hill, John] Lucina Sine Concubitu: A Letter Humbly Address'd to the Royal Society 14234
Johnson, John Cuts & Verses From Typographia 14029
Johnston, Edward A Carol and Other Rhymes 14227
Johson, Ben A Croppe Of Kisses, Selected Lyrics Of Ben Jonson Chosen, With An Appreciation, by John Wllis 14322
Jones, Gwyn; Jones, Thomas (editors) Mabinogion. A New Translation from the White Book of Rhydderch and the Red Book of Hergest 14321
Keats, John Selections from the poems of John Keats 14236
Keble Martin, W. The Concise British Flora in Colour 14042
Khayyam, Omar Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam of Naishapur the Astronomer Poet of Persia Rendered into English Verse 14230
Knowles, Richard (Introduction) Cats and Landladies' Husbands: T.E. Lawrence in Bridlington 14069
Lamb, Charles A Tale of Rosamund Gray and old Blind Margaret 14436
Lane, Allen Boxwood & Graver. A Miscellany of Blocks. 14146
Lawrence, John The Four Seasons - Four Wood Engravings made in 1982 to illustrate The Magic Apple Tree by Susan Hill. 14387
Lee, Brian North Joan Hassall : An Address 14092
Leigh, Dell East Coasting 14072
Leslie, Shane The Cuckoo Clock and Other Poems 14023
Llwyd, Alan Hebog Uwch Felindre 14186
Lockhart, R. H. Bruce Jan Masaryk. A Personal Memoir 14315
Longus Daphnis & Chloe: A Most Sweet, and Pleasant Pastorall Romance for Young Ladies 14058
Lorca, Federico Garcia Sun and Shadow 14025
Lucas, F. L. Gilgamesh King of Erech 14194
Mabey, Richard Whistling in the Dark in Pursuit of the Nightingale 14122
Machin, Eve Nine Poems 14218
Mackley, George Monica Poole: Wood Engraver 14362
Madan, Falconer The Daniel Press. Memorials of C. H. O. Daniel with a Bibliography of the Press, 1845-1919 14126
Marlowe, Christopher Doctor Faustus 14284
Marston, John The Metamorphosis of Pigmalion's Image 14354
Mathers, E. Powys (Translator) A Circle of The Seasons A Translation of the Ritu-Samhara of Kalidasa made from various European Sources 14245
Mathers, Powys Procreant Hymn 14193
Miller, Patrick The Green Ship 14293
Miller, Patrick Women in Detail 14328
Milton, John Areopagitica: Speech of Mr. John Milton for the Liberty of Unlicensed Printing, to the Parliament of England 14180
Morgan, Gwenda The Diary of a Land Girl. 1939 - 1945 14433
Morris, William A Dream, Being a Romance, Contributed to the Oxford and Cambridge Magazine 14226
Morris, William The Order of Chivalry 14070
Morris, William The Story of Cupid and Psyche 14339
Muir, Ann Harvesting Colour: The Year in a Marbler's Workshop 14078
Munro, H. A. J. The Song of Deborah and Barak Taken From the Fifth Chapter of the Book of Judges. With a Latin Verse Translation By H.A.J. Munroe. 14027
Nerval, Gerard De Dreams & Life. Le Reve et La Vie 14270
Neuberg, Victor B. (editor) Larkspur: A Lyric Garland 14269
Nonesuch Press The Holy Bible reprinted according to the Authorised Version 1611, 4 Volumes 14187
O'Connor, John Ariel & Miranda: Seven Wood Engravings inspired by Shakespeare's 'The Tempest' 14385
Ould, Martyn; Palladio, Andrea Palladio's Homes 14344
Pepler, Hilary Douglas Clerk Pertinent & Impertinent: An Assortment of Verse 14307
Pepler, Hilary Douglas Clerk The Hand Press. An essay ... first printed by the author at St Dominic's Press and now reprinted with facsimile reproductions from the Original 14050
Piper, John; Fowler-Wright, Hugh et al. Piper in Print 14216
Powys, Theodore Francis Uncle Dottery : A Christmas Story 14288
Powys, Theodore Francis When Thou Wast Naked 14287
Prescott, Andrew (commentary) The Benedictional of Saint Aethelwold 14182
Puskin, Alexander An Amateur Peasant Girl 14277
Puskin, Alexander The Golden Cockerel 14358
Randle, John; Jean Arrindell A talent for Friendship. Mavis Lowndes 1912-2008 14432
Raper, Elizabeth The Receipt Book of Elizabeth Raper with Portions of her Cipher Journal 14286
Ravilious, Eric The wood engravings of Eric Ravilious 14229
Read, Herbert The Parliament of Women. A Drama in Three Acts 14367
Renan, Ernest; Ellis, Havelock (Introduction). Song of Songs 14152
Richie, Ward William Morris and His "Praise of Wine" 14247
Ricketts, Charles The List of Books Published by Messrs. Hacon & Ricketts [Vale Press Prospectus] 14285
Riddell, Maria Robert Burns - a Memoir 14047
Rogerson, Ian Barnett Freedman. The Graphic Art 14239
Ronsard, Pierre De Abregé de l'Art Poétique François 14333
Rossetti, Dante Gabriel Hand and Soul 14038
Rossetti, Dante Gabriel Hand and Soul 14262
Rutter, Joan Here's Flowers: An Anthology of Flower Poems 14445
Saint John of the Cross The Song of the Soul 14338
Sandeman, Christopher Thyme and Bergamot 14381
Sewell, Fr. Brocard; et al Aylesford Review - Hilary Pepler and the Saint Dominic's Press 14052
Shakespeare, William The Tempest. A Romantic Comedy 14282
Shakespeare, William; Moore, T. Sturge (editor) The Passionate Pilgrim and the Songs in Shakespeare's Plays 14378
Shelley, Percy Bysshe; et al; Scott, Walter Sidney (editor) Harriet & Mary being the relations Between Percy Bysshe Shelley, Harriet Shelley, Mary Shelley, and Thomas Jefferson Hogg 14302
Shelley, Percy Bysshe; et al; Scott, Walter Sidney (editor) Shelley at Oxford. The early correspondence of P. B. Shelley with His Friend T. J. Hogg together with letters of Mary Shelley and T. L. Peacock and a hitherto unpublished prose fragment by Shelley 14303
Shelley, Percy Bysshe; et al; Scott, Walter Sidney (editor) The Athenians being correspondence between Thomas Jefferson Hogg and his friends Thomas Love Peacock, Leigh Hunt, Percy Bysshe Shelley, and others. 14301
Sidney, Sir Philip Sonnets of Sir Philip Sidney 14346
Simon, Herbert Harold Curwen. The Careful Printer. 14156
Sisson, Peter The Cave 14275
Sisson, Peter The Cave 14309
Smith, Deirdre Armes The First Wife, a Voice for Katherine of Aragon 14408
Spencer, Stanley A Chatto & Windus Almanack 1927 14231
Sterne, Laurence The Life & Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman [ 3 Volume Set ] 14325
Stevenson, Robert Louis Ten Fables with Twenty One Illustrations by Rachel Russell 14207
Stevenson, Robert Louis Virginbus Puerisque and Other Papers 14425
Strong, L. A. G. The Hansom Cab and the Pigeons. Being Random Reflections upon the Silver Jubilee of King George V. 14246
Subira, Oriol Valls I A Lively Look at Papermaking 14019
Swinburne, Algernon Charles Laus Veneris 14298
Swinburne, Algernon Charles Lucretia Borgia; The Chronicle of Tebaldeo Tebaldei. Renaissance Period 14324
Swinburne, Algernon Charles Pasiphae - A Poem 14297
Tacitus, Publius Cornelius Cornelii Taciti De Vita Et Moribus Iulii Agricolae Liber 14179
Tanner, Robin The More Angels Shall I Paint 14407
Tarling, Alan Obituary for a Poetry Press - Memories of Poet and Printer By the Printer 14113
Taylor, Michael; Sewell, Brocard Saint Dominic's Press. A Bibliography 1916-1937 14048
Thomas, Gwyn Ceffylau 14185
Toussaint, Franz (translator) The Garden of Caresses 14351
Tucker, Peter; Barber, Giles (intro.) The Interpretation of a Classic. The illustrated editions of Candide. An Examination & Checklist 14290
Various A Garland for the Laureate Poems presented to Sir John Betjeman on his 75th Birthday 14172
Various Consequences: A Complete Story in the Manner of the Old Parlour Game in Nine Chapters, Each by a Different Author 14363
Vaughan, Henry Poems 14217
Villon, Francois Les Ballades de Maistre Francois Villon 14334
Voltaire, Francois Marie Arouet De Candide, or Optimism 14447
Walpole, Hugh The Apple Trees. Four Reminiscences 14365
Walton, Izaak The Compleat Angler : Extracts Concerning Coarse Fishing 14036
Wells, H. G. The Country of the Blind 14361
White, Diana The Descent of Ishtar 14314
White, Gilbert The Natural History of Selborne 14163
Whitfield, Christopher Together and Alone. Two Short Novels 14352
Wilde, Oscar De profundis : from a letter of Oscar Wilde addressed to a friend : written in MDCCCXCVII & called by him Epistola in carcere et Vinculis 14313