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Besleys Books Spring 2019 Catalogue Inventory

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Alembic Press A 40 Line Wood Letter Alphabet 14169
Anon Ignatz Wiemeler, Modern Bookbinder 14013
Anon List of Catalogues of English Book Sales 1676-1900 Now in the British Museum 14006
Anon Record Gothic. [The Record Gothic Family] 14093
Ball, Douglas Victorian Publishers' Bindings 14002
Bartram, Alan English Lettering Tradition from 1700 to the Present Day 14094
Bennett, William John Baskerville, the Birmingham Printer. His Press, Relations and Friends [Volume 1] 14056
Blum, Andre On the Origin of Paper 14248
Bolton, Claire Specimens of Wood Type held at the Alembic Press 14340
Brassington, W. Salt A History of the Art of Bookbinding, with some Account of the Books of the Ancients 14399
Bullen, George Caxton Celebration, 1877. Catalogue of the Loan Collection of Antiquities, Curiosities, and Appliances connected with the Art of Printing 14131
Carter, John Binding Variants with More Binding Variants in English Publishing 1820-1900 14428
Carter, John Binding Variants; With, More Binding Variants in English Publishing, 1820-1900 14009
Cave, Roderick Private Press 14258
Cobham, Viscount ; Wood, Sir Henry Trueman Report of the Committee on Leather for Bookbinding Edited for the Society of Arts and the Worshipful Company of Leathersellers 14018
David Pearson For the Love of the Binding: Essays in Honour of Mirjam Foot: Studies in Historical Bookbinding Presented to Mirjam Foot 14457
Dreyfus, John A History of the Nonesuch Press 14398
Duncan, Alastair ; Georges de Bartha Art Nouveau and Art Deco Bookbinding. The French Masterpieces 1880-1940 14400
Dunlap, Joseph R. The Book That Never Was: The Argument: How William Morris and Edward Burne-Jones Attempted to Make of 'The Earthly Paradise' a Big Book with "Lots of Stories and Pictures"; How they Fared in this Endeavor; and how their Dream, though it Evaded them,... 14139
Enschede The House of Enschede 1703 - 1953. Seven Generations of Printers and Typefounders... 14074
Enschedé, Charles Typefoundries in the Netherlands from the fifteenth to the nineteenth century: A history based mainly on material in the collection of Joh. Enschedé en Zonen at Haarlem 14220
Foot, Mirjam M. (editor) Eloquent Witnesses: Bookbindings and Their History 14201
Gerulaitis, Leonardes V. Printing and Publishing in Fifteenth Century Venice 14010
Godburn, Mark R. Nineteenth Century Dust-Jackets 14039
Golden Cockerel Press Pertelote. (A Sequel to Chanticleer.) A Bibliography of the Golden Cockerel Press from October 1936 to April 1943. 14212
Goudy, Frederic W. ; Goudy, Bertha M. Elements of Lettering 14283
Gray, Nicolete Nineteenth Century Ornamented Type Faces 14098
Harling, Robert The Letter Forms and Type Designs of Eric Gill 14136
Harling, Robert Typography 8. Summer 1939 14099
Hart, Horace Notes On A Century Of Typography At The University Press Oxford 1693-1794 A Photographic Reprint Of The Edition Of 1900 With An Introduction And Additional Notes By Harry Carter 14102
Hobson, G. D. Maioli, Canevari and Others 14020
Hobson, G. D. Thirty Bindings Described by G. D. Hobson. Selected from the First Edition Club's Seventh Exhibition... 14452
Holme, Charles (editor) Modern Bookbindings and their Designers Special Winter-Number 1899-1900 14100
Howard M. Nixon English Restoration Bookbindings: Samuel Mearne and His Contemporaries 14015
Hughes, Sukey Washi: World of Japanese Paper 14111
Hutchings, R. S. International Annual of Letterforms. Alphabet. Volume One. 1964 14137
Japan Paper Company Handmade Shidzuoka Japanese Vellum Paper 14158
Jay, Leonard (General Editor) The Torch. Number One. A Journal Produced by Students of The City of Birmingham School of Printing, A Department of The Central School of Arts and Crafts 14191
Jay, Leonard (General Editor) The Torch. Number Two. A Journal Produced by Students of The City of Birmingham School of Printing, A Department of The Central School of Arts and Crafts 14205
Jones, George W. Catalogue of the [Second] Library of George W. Jones at The Sign of the Dolphin, Next to Dr. Johnson's House in Gough Square Fleet Street London E.C.4 14055
Jones, George W. Some Books from the Library of George W. Jones Formerly at Monkbarns, Northwood 14356
Jury, David Letterpress: The Allure of the Handmade 14135
Kittredge, William Italic Typography as demonstrated in some recent work on the Ludlow 14200
Larsen, Sofus ; Kyster, Anker Danish Eighteenth Century Bindings 1730-1780 14016
Lindsay, Jen Fine Bookbinding: A Technical Guide 14164
Linotype and Machinery Limited Linotype Faces 14219
Macfarlane, Nigel A Paper Journey: Travels Mong the Village Papermakers of India and Nepal 14075
Mansfield, Edgar Modern Design in Bookbinding 14257
McLean Ruari (editor) Cobden-Sanderson and the Doves Press 14147
McLean, Ruari Victorian Book Design and Colour Printing 14004
McLean, Ruari Victorian Publishers' Bookbindings in Paper 14116
Meynell, Francis Typography. The Written Word and the Printed Word; Some Tests for Types. Concerning Printers' Flowers. The Pioneer Work of the Pelican Press. The Points of a Well-Made Book. A Glossary of Printers' Terms. Type Specimens. A Display of Borders and Initials 14463
Meynell, Gerard T. Pages From Books 14209
Meynell, Viola (Editor) Friends of a Lifetime : Letters to Sydney Carlyle Cockerell 14112
Middleton, Bernard C. A Bookbinder's Miscellany 14456
Middleton, Bernard C. Recollections: a Life in Bookbinding: An Autobiography of Bernard C. Middleton 14088
Monotype Corporation Book Of Parts, "Monotype" Keyboards (Standard And Duplex Patterns) Comprising Illustrations Of Sections And Component Parts With Their Names And Symbols 14062
Morison, Stanley ; Day, Kenneth The Typographic Book, 1450-1935. A Study of Fine Typography Through Five Centuries 14105
Morison, Stanley Modern Fine Printing: An Exhibit of Printing Issued in England, the United States of America, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Czecho-Slovakia, Holland and Sweden During the Twentieth Century & with Few Exceptions Since the Outbreak of the War 14341
Morris, Ellen K. ; Edward S. Levin; Grolier Club The Art of Publishers' Bookbindings, 1815-1915 14011
Mosley, James Nymph and the Grot: The Revival of the Sanserif Letter 14424
Mosley, James (editor) Journal of the Printing Historical Society. Numbers 1-11 14256
Needham, Paul et al; William Morris and the Art of the Book 14084
Nixon, Howard M. Five Centuries of English Bookbinding 14012
North, James Sharp A Short History of the Art and Craft of Bookbinding 14123
Oldham, J. Basil English Blind-Stamped Bindings 14448
Packer, Maurice Bookbinders of Victorian London 14133
Poynor, Rick Typographica 14423
Prideaux, S. T. Modern Bookbindings Their Design and Decoration 14140
Quaritch, Bernard Catalogue of Fifteen Hundred Books Remarkable for the Beauty or the Age of their Bindings or as Bearing Indications of Former Ownership by Great Book-Collectors and Famous Historical Personages [No. 93] 14083
Rathe, John F. Bibliography of the Typophile Chap Books 1935-1992 (Typophile Chap Bks. ; No. 60) 14079
Ray, Gordon N.; Thomas V. Lange The Illustrator and the Book in England from 1790 to 1914 14057
Recy, George De The Decoration of Leather 14353
Regemorter, Berthe Van Some Oriental Bindings in the Chester Beatty Library 14005
Schlosser, Mary C. Contemporary American Bookbinding : An Exhibition Organized by the Grolier Club at the Invitation of Les Amis de la Reliure Originale 14132
Scott, Temple A Bibliography of The Works of William Morris 14311
Severin, Mark F. Making A Bookplate 14240
Severin, Mark F.; Anthony Reid Engraved Bookplates. European Ex Libris 1950-70 14259
Simon, Oliver; Morison, Stanley (editors) The Fleuron. A Journal of Typography [Volumes I to VII] 14412
Spalding & Hodge A Specimen book of printing papers designed chiefly for the use of printers / Embellished ... with ill. by Aubrey Beardsley ; C.E. Brock ; Tom Browne ; Charles Dana Gibson ; F. Carruthers Gould ; G. du Maurier ; Sir John Everett Millais ... and Others 14446
Spencer, Herbert Pioneers of Modern Typography 14396
Stevens-Nelson Specimens: A Stevens-Nelson Paper Catalogue 14104
Stillwell, Margaret Bingham Incunabula and Americana 1450 - 1800. A Key to Biographical Study 14082
Thomas, Henry Early Spanish Bookbindings XI - XV Centuries. 14008
Thomson, J.C. (editor) Bibliographical List of the Writings of Algernon Charles Swinburne 14080
Tidcombe, Marianne Women Bookbinders, 1880-1920 14003
Tomkinson, G.S. A Select Bibliography of the Principal Modern Presses Public and Private in Great Britain and Ireland 14000
Twyman, Michael Graphic Communication Through Isotype: Exhibition Catalogue 14095
Vervliet, Hendrick D L French Renaissance Printing Types: A Conspectus 14167
Wakeman, Geoffrey English Hand Made Papers Suitable for Bookwork 14221
Walker, Edward ; Paul S. Koda The Art of Book-Binding: Its Rise and Progress : Including a Descriptive Account of the New York Book-Bindery (The Oak Knoll series on the history of the book) 14124
Wallis, Alfred Examples of the Book-Binders' Art of the XVI. and XVII. Centuries selected chiefly from the Royal Continental Libraries 14250
Walsdorf, John J. William Morris in Private Press and Limited Editions: A Descriptive Bibliography of Books by and about William Morris, 1891-1981 14155
Warde, Beatrice The Crystal Goblet: Sixteen Essays on Typography 14252
Weale, W. H., James Bookbindings and Rubbings of Bindings in the Victoria and Albert Museum 14007
Weale, W.H. James ;Taylor, Lawrence Early Stamped Bookbindings in the British Museum : Descriptions of 385 Blind-Stamped Bindings of the XIIth - XVth Centuries in the Departments of Manuscripts and Printed Books 14014
Weimann, Christopher Marbled Papers. Being a Collection of Twenty-Two Contemporary Hand-Marbled Papers, showing a Variety of Patterns and Special Techniques 14206
White, Gleeson (editor) The Studio Special Winter-number 1899 - 1900 . Modern Bookbindings and their Designers 14017
William Morris Four Letters from William Morris 14174