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Besleys Books Winter 2020/2021 Catalogue Inventory

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Aeschylus The Agamemnon. Text edited by Raymond Postgate, with an introduction, a commentary, and a translation into modern English Prose 15072
Aldington, Richard A.E. Housman & W.B. Yeats : Two Lectures 15237
Alighieri, Dante La Divina Commedia Or The Divine Vision of Dante Alighieri in Italian and English 15350
Andersen, Hans The Red Shoes 15130
Andreae, Christopher (Introduction) Two Lyrical Painters - Winifred Nicholson and Mary Newcomb 15267
Annwn, David The Hunt: Twining the Riding Mesh : Horse Lords and the Myth of the Boar Hunt in David Jones' " the Hunt " 15270
Anon Asprey & Co. [Trade Catalogue] 15415
Anon Book of Jonah 15208
Anon God and Man - A Folk Carol 15196
Anon Horae beatae Virginis Mariae : juxta ritum sacri ordinis Praedicatorum 15235
Anon Order: An Occasional Catholic Review. Volume 1. Number 2 15385
Anon Psalmi Penitentiales 15090
Anon S. Mary and All Saints Fillongley. Book of Remembrance 1914-1918 15252
Anon Saint Dominic's Calendar A.D. 1930 15035
Anon Song of Solomon According to the Authorised Version. 15193
Apuleius, Lucius De Cupidinis et Psyches Amoribus Fabula Anilis 15332
Apuleius, Lucius The XI. Bookes of the Golden Asse 15008
Arnold, Matthew Empedocles on Etna 15331
Atkins, Gordon The Merry Tales Of The Wise Men Of Gotham 15049
Ayrton, Michael Minotaur. Ten Etchings 15384
Badeley, J. F. Bookplates: Being a Lecture Delivered to the Print Collectorss' Club on Wednesday November 18th, 1925 15397
Bagnold, Enid Early Poems 15395
Barker, Nicolas (editor) Two East Anglian Picture Books. A Facsimile of the Helmingham Herbal and Bestiary and Bodleian MS Ashmole 1504 15181
Barnham, Charles (editor) Before Gaza : An Anthology 15400
Basil Harley The Curwen Press: A Short History 15361
Beardsley, Aubrey; Hind, C Lewis (Introduction) The Uncollected Work of Aubrey Beardsley 15033
Beckett, Samuel As the Story Was Told 15002
Beckett, Samuel The North 15227
Beerbohm, Max Heroes and Heroines of Bitter Sweet 15365
Betjeman, John; Taylor; Geoffrey (Compilers) English Scottish & Welsh Landscape 15056
Bewick, Thomas Spring & Summer Scenes [with] Autumn & Winter Scenes 15219
Binyon, Laurence The Sirens: An Ode 15093
Blades, William Rarities of Numismata Typographica: Four Examples of Early Dutch Printers' Bookbinders' & Booksellers' Guild Medals. 15210
Blake, William All Religions are One 15074
Blake, William London 15160
Blake, William The Book of Job. The Eighteenth Book of the Old Testament with the Twenty Two Engravings of William Blake 15117
Blake, William The Book of Thel 15115
Blake, William The Fly 15159
Bligh, William; Rutter, Owen Bligh's Voyage in the Resource from Coupang to Batavia, Together with the Log of His Subsequent Passage to England in the Dutch Packet Vlydt and His Remarks on Morrison's Journal. 15313
Blissett, William Long Conversation: Memoir of David Jones 15283
Blount, Charles Charles Blount Christmas 1937 [ Card ] 15186
Blount, Charles Charles Blount Invites You to Sherry [Card ] 15188
Blount, Charles Greetings for Christmas 1938 from Charles Blount [Card ] 15187
Blunden, Edmund Masks Of Time. A New Collection Of Poems Principally Meditative 15238
Blunden, Edmund To Nature. New Poems 15239
Blythe, Ronald First Friends: Paul and Bunty, John and Christine - and Carrington 15347
Blythe, Ronald John Nash's Cats 15098
Blythe,Ronald John Nash's Cats 15099
Boccaccio ; Gollancz, Israel (editor) Boccaccio's Olympia 15278
Bourdillon, Francis William (editor) C'est d'Aucassin et de Nicolete 15013
Brenni, Vito Joseph Bookbinding: A Guide to the Literature 15016
Brett, Simon Mr. Derrick Harris (1919-1960). 15328
Bridson, Douglas Geoffrey The Quest of Gilgamesh 15071
Broomhead, Frank The Zaehndorfs (1842-1947) Craft Bookbinders 15024
Brough, Robert The Vacant Frame 15113
Brown Knight & Truscott A Book of Typefaces, Rules and Ornaments used by Brown Knight and Truscott Ltd. 15409
Brown, Marian C. Joseph Ishill and the Oriole Press 15204
Browne, Thomas; Carter, John (editor) The Last Chapter of Urne Buriall 15224
Browning, Elizabeth Barrett Sonnets from the Portuguese 15226
Browning, Elizabeth Barrett Sonnets from the Portuguese 15404
Buckland-Wright, Christopher The Engravings of John Buckland Wright 15081
Burton, Robert The Anatomy of Melancholy 15334
Byrne, John [compiler] Aiding and Abetting: An Alphabet for AIDS 15007
Byron, Lord Manfred. A Tragedy 15401
Campbell, Roy The Gum Trees 15029
Campion, Thomas; Graham, Rigby (Illustrator) The Man of Life Upright 15200
Carco, Francis Jésus la Caille 15119
Carey, John Vegetable Gardening 15148
Carroll, Lewis The Hunting of the Snark: An Agony, in Eight Fits 15411
Carter, Angela The Tiger's Bride 15194
Carter, Charles (editor) Etchings and Dry Points from 1924 by James McBey (1883-1959), a Supplement to the Catalogue by Martin Hardie 15260
Carter, Sebastian A Printers Dozen. Eleven Spreads from Unrealized Books Designed and Printed at the Rampant Lions Press By Sebastian Carter 15349
Carter, Sebastian The Book Becomes: the Making of a Fine Edition 15005
Carter, Sebastian The final count : a checklist of books produced in the final decade of work at the Rampant Lions Press 15012
Carter, Sebastian The Rampant Lions Press 15004
Carter, Will ; Blount, Charles Clerihewana. A Momento of the Party Given By Will Carter & Charles Blount on June 8th at 4 Jordans Yard Cambridge, 1938 15189
Carter, Will Carter's Caps: An Alphabet of Capital Letters Cut by Will Carter and Printed from the Wood 15122
Carter, Will The Double Crown Club Roll of Members List of Dinners and Rules 1962 15150
Carter, Will The First 10: Some Ground Covered at the Rampant Lions Press, 1949-58 15003
Cawse, J. Introduction to the Art of Painting in Colours 15412
Chapman, Hilary Wood Engravings of Ethelbert White 15329
Char, René Georges Braque : Oeuvre Graphique Original 15360
Chaucer, Geoffrey The Canterbury Tales [ 4 Volume Set ] 15149
Clare, John John Clare: Lines Written in Northhampton County Asylum 15231
Clare, John Setting Sun 15220
Claudel, Paul The Satin Slipper or the Worst is Not the Surest 15244
Clay, Enid; Gill, Eric (illustrator) The Constant Mistress 15038
Cleverdon, Douglas Stanley Morison and Eric Gill : 1925-1933 15027
Coatts, Margot Portable Pleasures: Picnics for all Seasons 15018
Coatts, Margot Portable Pleasures: Picnics for all Seasons 15118
Cobden-Sanderson, Thomas James A List of Books Printed & in Preparation By T. J. Cobden-Sanderson & Emery Walker at the Doves Press 15040
Cobden-Sanderson, Thomas James Catalogue Raisonne of Books printed and published at the Doves Press 15041
Cobden-Sanderson, Thomas James The Doves Press (2) January 1909 [Annoucement] 15039
Cockerell, Sydney M. Marbling Paper as a School Subject. Pamphlet No. 5. Marbling Paper 15211
Coleridge, Samuel Taylor The Rime of the Ancient Mariner 15301
Coleridge, Samuel Taylor The Rime of the Ancient Mariner 15311
Coles, Stephen The Geometry of Type: The Anatomy of 100 Essential Typefaces 15253
Corcoran, Neil The Song of Deeds: Study of "The Anathemata" of David Jones (University of Wales Press - Writers of Wales) 15286
Cory, William Lucretilis 15069
Cotton, John The Wilderness. Illustrated by Rigby Graham 15232
Coventry, Francis The History of Pompey the Little, or, The Life and Adventures of a Lap-Dog 15138
Coverdale, Miles (translator) The Book of Psalms - Queen Mary's Psalter. From the version of Miles Coverdale as published in the Great Bible of 1539 15366
Coverdale, Miles (translator) The Psalms of David 15276
Cox, Morris 14 Triads 15209
Cox, Morris Graphic Sheaf 10/84 15089
Cox, Morris Magogmagog. Being Random Examples of the Innumerable, Incredible Ideas & Guises of Gog, Ma, Gogma & Magog 15088
Cox, Morris Three Prospectuses from the Gogmagog Press 15359
Cox, Morris War in a Cock's Egg 15086
Cox, Morris Winter Trees. A Pictorial Study, 15087
Crabbe, George Peter Grimes 15340
Craig, John Britten's Aldeburgh: With eighty-one engravings & three two-colour linocuts by the Author 15346
Crashaw, Richard Musicks Duell. From The Delights of the Muses; or Other Poems written on severall occasions, 1646 15137
Crawhall, Joseph (editor) Crawhall's Chap-book Chaplets 15353
Crawhall, Joseph (editor) Olde Tayles Newlye Relayted. Enryched with all ye Ancyente Embellyshmentes 15352
Curtis, Tony Following Petra. A Celebration of Seventy Years of the Contemporary Art Society for Wales 15300
D'Avigdor-Goldsmid, Henry Joseph Sarah : by her friends and for Them 15192
De La Mare, Walter Stories from the Bible 15274
Dilworth, Thomas The Shape of Meaning in the Poetry of David Jones 15287
Djangology Art Gallery Influence and Originality: Ivon Hitchens, Frances Hodgkins, Winifred Nicholson - Landscapes, C.1920-50 15059
Donne, John Donne's Sermon of Valediction at his Going into Germany. Preached at Lincoln's Inn April 18, 1619 15296
Doves Press Catalogue Raisonné of Books printed and published at the Doves Press 1900-1916 15146
Downie, Freda Even the Flowers 15060
Dreiser, Theodore Epitaph 15092
Dreyfus, John; Williams, Graham Eric Gill for Father Desmond 15133
Duensing, Paul Hayden A Portfolio of Typographic Paradigms primarily in Wilhelm-Klingspor-Schrift 15048
Dutourd, Jean "Papa" Hemingway 15030
Dutourd, Jean La Mort Du Chasseur 15057
Engen, Rodney K. Dictionary of Victorian Wood Engravers 15275
Essick, Robert N. A Troubled Paradise. William Blake's Virgil Wood Engravings 15161
Evans, Charles My Path 15052
Evelyn, John Directions for the Gardiner at Says-Court but which may be of use for Other Gardens 15128
Farjeon. Eleanor The Town Child's Alphabet 15045
Farquhar, George The Beaux Stratagem 15131
Fitzgerald, Edward (translator) Rubaiyat de Omar Khayyam 15044
Fitzgerald, Edward (translator) Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám; The First and Fourth Renderings in English Verse 15120
Fitzgerald, Edward (translator) The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam 15162
Flores, Charles Voice from Kalkara 15241
Flower, Desmond ; Symons, A. J. A. (editors) The Book-Collector's Quarterly. Number XI: July - September 1933 15031
Franklin, Colin Printing and the Mind of Morris : Three Paths to the Kelmscott Press 15184
Frost, Robert A-Wishing Well 15358
Fuller, John Ship of Sounds 15061
Fysher, Johan A Mornynge Remembraunce 15062
Gant, Roland Steps to the river: Poems 15303
Gielgud, Lewis (trans.) The Vigil of Venus (Pervigilium Veneris) 15096
Gilchrist, Alexander Life of William Blake, "Pictor Ignotus." With Selections from His Poems and Other Writings 15174
Gill, Eric (illustrator) The Four Gospels of the Lord Jesus Christ According to the Authorised Version of King James I 15155
Gill, Eric (intro.) The Seven Deadly Virtues 15055
Gill, Eric Christianity and Art 15064
Gill, Eric Clothing Without Cloth, An Essay on the Nude 15085
Gill, Eric First Nudes 15163
Gill, Eric The Engravings of Eric Gill 15407
Gill, Eric Twenty-five Nudes 15164
Gill, Eric; Pepler, Hilary In Petra, being a sequel to Nisi Dominus 15141
Golden Cockerel Press A Bibliography of the Golden Cockerel Press : April 1921 Dec. 1929 15263
Gorey, Edward Amphigorey Too 15272
Gosse, Edmund Swinburne - An Essay Wriiten in 1875 15355
Graham, Rigby (editor) Enigma 4 15050
Graham, Rigby (Illustrator) The Living Theatre 15199
Gray, John Saint Peter's Hymns 15212
Gray, Nicolete The Paintings of David Jones 15009
Greaves, Derrick; Medley,Robert ; Middleditch, Edward Books and folios: Screenprints by Derrick Greaves, Robert Medley and Edward Middleditch 15075
Greville, Fulke Baron Brooke Lord Brook's Life of Sir Philip Sydney [Volume 1 only] 15364
Guinness; Ardizzone, Edward (illustrator) Game Pie: A Guinness Indoor Sportfolio 15168
Guinness; Ferns, Ronald (illustrator) Alice Versary 1759-1959: The Guinness Birthday Book 15167
Guinness; Groves-Raines, Antony (illustrator) Can This Be Beeton ? A Guinness Gallimaufry 15169
Guinness; Penn, Stanley; Lord, John Vernon (illustrator) A Visit to Bedsyde Manor 15171
Guinness; Penn, Stanley; Tribe, John (illustrator) All My Own Work 15170
Haberly, Loyd Floriated Initials designed and engraved by Loyd Haberly. 15124
Haberly, Loyd The Wild Cherry of Gregynog 15389
Hague, Rene A Commentary on The Anathemata of David Jones 15290
Hamilton, Peter An English Eye: Photographs of James Ravilious 15265
Harris, Elizabeth M. The Art of Medal Engraving, A Curious Chapter in the Development of 19th Century Printing Processes 15144
Harrison, Ski Portraits of Presses: Of Fleece, Gregynog, I.M. Imprimit, Old Stile, Rampant Lions, Rocket, Tern, Whittington & CTD 15344
Hassall, Joan Dearest Joana: A selection of Joan Hassall's lifetime letters and art 15336
Hassall, Joan Dearest Sydney: Joan Hassall's Letters to Sydney Cockerell - From Italy and France, April-May, 1950 15337
Hayes, Colin Scrapbook Drawings of Stanley Spencer 15354
Hayley, William; Blake, William Little Tom the Sailor 15036
Healey R. M. Grigson at Eighty. Tributes from Friends and Admirers 15182
Hechle, Ann Lavender's blue dilly-dilly: A collection of newly commissioned Work 15101
Heller, Elinor Raas; Magee, David Bibliography of The Grabhorn Press. 1915 - 1940 15261
Herdman, Robin The Prints of Anthony Gross: A Catalogue Raisonne 15080
Herschel, Sir John F. W. Poems & Pastimes 15230
Hills, Paul (editor) David Jones: Artist and Poet (Warwick Studies in the European Humanities) 15279
Hoare, Lottie (intro.] David Jones: A Centenary Exhibition. Catalogue of Paintings, drawings, painted inscriptions, sculpture, prints & illustrated books. 15043
Hodgson, Ralph The Skylark and Other Poems 15393
Holt, Penelope; Graham, Rigby (illustrator) A Sicilian Memory 15205
Homer; Lindsay, Jack (trans.] Homer's Hymns To Aphrodite 15053
Hoopington, Ambrose A Letter to a Young Lady on Her Approaching Marriage. and Divorce 15254
Hughes, Colin David Jones: The Man who was on the Field: In Parenthesis as straight Reporting 15176
Humphreys, Emyr Landscapes: A Sequence of Songs 15110
James, Henry ; Tucker, Alan (introduction) Winchelsea, Rye & 'Denis Duval' with drawings from Abbeys & Castles both chapters in 'English Hours' 15333
John O'Connor The Wood-Engravings of John O'Connor 15309
Johnston, Edward Formal Penmanship and Other Papers 15410
Jones, David An Introduction to the Rime of the Ancient Mariner 15310
Jones, David Anathemata 15178
Jones, David Centenary Edition of Engravings 15302
Jones, David Dai Greatcoat: Self-portrait of David Jones in His Letters 15177
Jones, David Michael Inner necessities: The letters of David Jones to Desmond Chute 15245
Jones, David Michael The Roman Quarry, and Other Sequences 15280
Jones, David The Chester Play of the Deluge 15297
Jones, David The Dying Gaul and Other Writings 15289
Jones, David The Kensington Mass 15246
Jones, David The Tribune's Visitation 15288
Jones, David The Tribune's Visitation 15291
Jones, David To Petra with love: The Petra Tegetmeier collection of works by David Jones : paintings, drawings, engravings, incriptions and carvings 15408
Jones, David Wedding Poems 15292
Jones, David; Hague, Rene The Roman Quarry and Other Sequences 15282
Jones, Thomas The Voice of Silence 15216
Jouve, Pierre Jean ; Gascoyne, David (translator) The Present Greatness of Mozart 15225
Kathryn Poppino Kathryn Poppino 15047
Keats, John The Poems of John Keats 15172
Keats, John To Autumn 15294
Keynes, Geoffrey; Davidson, Peter (editors) A Watch of Nightingales 15213
Keynes, Sir Geoffrey (editor) Pencil Drawings by William Blake 15121
Kinglake, Alexander A Portrait of Lady Hester: From Alexander William Kinglakes Eothen 15017
Kinross, Robin Modern Typography: An Essay in Critical History 15006
Laforgue, Jules Moralites Legendaires 15065
Lambirth, Andrew Maggi Hambling The Works and conversations with Andrew Lambirth 15268
Larkin, Philip Tops 15151
Lascelles, Mary The Adversaries and other Poems 15229
Lawrence, D.H. Foreword to Pansies 15019
Lawrence, John The Four Seasons - Four Wood Engravings made in 1982 to illustrate The Magic Apple Tree by Susan Hill 15322
Lawrence, Simon Benjamin Toby Lawrence Was Born Todaay 15330
Lawrence, Simon Forty-Five Wood-Engravers 15305
Lawrence, Simon S.T.E. Lawrence. Boxwood Blockmaker. Wood Engravings Collected in Honour of his Eightieth Birthday 15308
Lawrence, Simon Tales from Bleeding Heart Yard : Stories About Stanley Lawrence 15392
Lechter, Melchior Tagebuch der Indischen Reise 15127
Lee, Brian North Bookplates by Richard Shirley Smith 15341
Leighton, Clare Wood-engraving and woodcuts - "How to do it" series. [2] 15214
Lelievre, F. J. Cory's Lucretilis 15233
Levett, John A Clearer Light 15190
Levi, Peter Music of Dark Tones 15107
Lewis, F. Day Alphabets Old and New 15023
Libanus Press Daylight Jobbery: Ephemera to 1985 15362
Lindsay, Jack [Editor] Loving Mad Tom; Bedlamite Verses of the XVI and XVII Centuries 15391
Lissauer, Frank; Graham, Rigby (illustrator) Lost Shepherd and Other Poems 15202
Lister, Raymond Hammer and Hand. An essay on the Ironwork of Cambridge. 15240
Lowinsky, Ruth More Lovely Food 15236
Macgregor, Miriam Whittington. Aspects of a Cotswold Village 15343
Mackail, J.W. William Morris - An Address Delivered the XIth November MDCCC at Kelmscott House Hammersmith Before the Hammersmith Socialist Society 15123
Mackey, Aidan; Chesterton, G. K. ; Ingrams, Richard Mr. Chesterton Comes to Tea or: how the King of England captured Redskin Island 15183
Mairet, Ethel M. Vegetable Dyes: Being a Book of Recipes and Other Information Useful to the Dyer 15179
Martin, Douglas Kirby Hall. An uninformative guide with drawings by Rigby Graham 15221
Martin, Douglas Kirby Hall. An uninformative guide with drawings by Rigby Graham 15222
Masters, John White Dick and Sal at Canterbury Fair 15105
Matisse, Henri Dessins 15414
Maundevile, John The Voiage and Trauaile of Syr Iohn Maundevile Knight, Which Treateth of The Way Toward Hierusalem, and of Marvayles of Inde with Other Ilands and Countryes 15335
McCrae, Hugh Colombine 15356
McKenna, Pamela Michael 31st January, 1910-6th October, 1931 15132
Meinhold, William (editor) The Amber Witch 15327
Miles, Jonathan Backgrounds to David Jones: A Study in Sources and Drafts 15073
Miles, Jonathan Eric Gill and David Jones at Capel-y-Ffin 15077
Milligan, Spike et al Poems For Toni Savage 15197
Milton, John Areopagitica. A Speech of Mr John Milton for the Liberty of Unlicensed Printing to the Parliament of England 15248
Milton, John Areopagitica. A Speech of Mr John Milton for the Liberty of Unlicensed Printing to the Parliament of England 15249
Milton, John Areopagitica. A Speech of Mr. John Milton for the Liberty of Unlicen’d Printing to the Parlament of England 15306
Milton, John Comus: A Mask 15116
Milton, John L'Allegro and Il Penseroso 15315
Milton, John Paradise Lost 15242
Milton, John Poems in English, with illustrations by William Blake. Volume 1: Paradise Lost [ and ] Volume 2: Miscellaneous Poems 15264
Milton, John Poems in English, with illustrations by William Blake. Volume 2: Miscellaneous Poems [ only] 15271
Milton, John The English Sonnets of Mr John Milton 15108
Monro, Harold Winter Solstice 15046
Morgan, Gwenda The Diary of a Land Girl, 1939-1945 15325
Morgan, William (translator) Llyfr y Pregeth-Wr 15299
Morison, Stanley The Fleuron: A Journal of Typography. No.V 15256
Morison, Stanley The Fleuron: A Journal of Typography. No.VI 15257
Morison, Stanley The Fleuron: A Journal of Typography. No.VII 15258
Morris, Henry Bird & Bull Pepper Pot 15102
Morris, Henry The Private Press-Man's Tale 15103
Morris, William A Dream of John Ball and a King's Lesson 15158
Morris, William Guenevere - Two Poems: The Defence of Guenevere and King Arthur's Tomb 15396
Morris, William Love is Enough, or the Freeing of Pharamond: a Morality 15084
Morris, William The Story of Cupid and Psyche 15363
Morris, William The Wood Beyond the World 15173
Morrison, James; Rutter, Owen The Journal of James Morrison, Boatswain's Mate of the Bounty, describing the Mutiny & subsequent Misfortunes of the Mutineers 15314
Mortensen, William Monsters and Madonnas 15298
Moser, Joann Singular Impressions: Monotype in America 15082
Munro, H. A. J. (translator) The Song Of Deborah and Barak: taken from the fifth chapter of the Book of Judges; with a Latin verse Translation 15152
Murray, John Practical Remarks on Modern Paper. With an Introductory Essay By Leonard B. Schlosser 15079
Nash, John The Artist Plantsman 15293
Nash, Paul (editor); Lawrence, T. E. (translator) Two Arabic Folk Tales 15342
Nash, Paul Dear Mercia: Paul Nash Letters to Mercia Oakley, 1909-18 15324
Newcomb, Tessa; Vann, Philip The Adorable Plot 15388
Nichols, Robert A Spanish Triptych: Being three poems of Compassion 15228
Nicholson, William [illustrator] ; Williams, Margery The Velveteen Rabbit. Or How Toys Become Real 15413
Nicholson, William Twelve Portraits 15367
Nicholson, William; Kipling, Rudyard An Almanac of Twelve Sports 15153
Nightingale, Lily A Cycle of Sonnets 15207
Noguchi, Yone From the Eastern Sea 15037
O'Connor, John Knipton: A Leicestershire village 15320
O'Connor, John People & Places: wood-engravings by John O'Connor 15339
O'Connor, John; Jeannie O'Connor The English Scene 15319
Oesterley, W. O. E. (intro) Roses of Sharon: Poems Chosen from the Flower of Ancient Hebrew Literature 15015
Origo, Iris Allegra 15403
Ovenden, Graham Satirical Poems and Others 15394
Papageorgiou, Athanasius Icons of Cyprus 15351
Pepler, Conrad; et al. The Lost Idyll : Sculpture and Carving by members of the Guild of St Joseph and St Dominic at Ditchling, Sussex 1913-1924 15042
Pepler, Hilary Douglas C. [editor] The Game, A Monthly Magazine, Volume IV. 15032
Pepler, Hilary Douglas C. Le Boeuf et L'Ane et deux Autre Pieces pour Marrionnettes 15134
Pepler, Hilary Douglas C. Saint Dominic. Scenes From the Life Of The Saint In the Form Of A Play 15135
Pepler, Hilary Douglas C. The Hand Press 15140
Pepler, Hilary Douglas C.; Jones, David Libellus Lapidum. The First Part of a collection of verses and wood-engravings made by H.P. and D.J. who having no windows left in their own dwellings take a mean advantage of their Neighbours 15136
Pepler, Hilary Douglas Clarke Pertinent & Impertinent: An Assortment of Verse 15063
Pepler, Hilary Douglas Clarke Pertinent & Impertinent: An Assortment of Verse 15114
Perrault, Charles La Belle Au Bois Dormant & Le Petit Chaperon Rouge . Deux contes de ma mere Loye 15026
Phipps, Howard Ebble Valley 15345
Phipps, Howard Further interiors: Wood-engravings 15307
Pindar Pythian Odes Translated by H. T. Wade-Gery & C. M. Bowra 15206
Plato Symposium of Plato 15011
Potocki of Montalk, Count; Graham, Rigby (Illustrator) Poems and Translations 15201
Powys, T. F. Fables 15406
Price-Owen, Anne (editor) David Jones Journal Summer 1997 [Volume 1, Issue 1.] 15281
Raine, Kathleen David Jones Solitary Perfectionist 15247
Randle, John (Editor) Matrix 12 - A Review for Printers and Bibliophiles 15368
Randle, John (Editor) Matrix 16 - A Review for Printers and Bibliophiles 15369
Randle, John (Editor) Matrix 19 - A Review for Printers and Bibliophiles 15370
Randle, John (Editor) Matrix 20 - A Review for Printers and Bibliophiles 15371
Randle, John (Editor) Matrix 22 - A Review for Printers and Bibliophiles 15372
Randle, John (Editor) Matrix 24 - A Review for Printers and Bibliophiles 15373
Randle, John (Editor) Matrix 26 - A Review for Printers and Bibliophiles 15374
Randle, John (Editor) Matrix 27 - A Review for Printers and Bibliophiles 15375
Randle, John (Editor) Matrix 28 - A Review for Printers and Bibliophiles 15376
Randle, John (Editor) Matrix 29 - A Review for Printers and Bibliophiles 15377
Randle, John (Editor) Matrix 30 - A Review for Printers and Bibliophiles 15378
Randle, John (Editor) Matrix 31 - A Review for Printers and Bibliophiles 15379
Randle, John (Editor) Matrix 32 - A Review for Printers and Bibliophiles 15380
Randle, John (Editor) Matrix 33 - A Review for Printers and Bibliophiles 15381
Randle, John (Editor) Matrix 34 - A Review for Printers and Bibliophiles 15382
Randle, John (Editor) Matrix 35 - A Review for Printers and Bibliophiles 15383
Ravilious, Eric Four Wood Engravings Made by Eric Ravilious in 1933 for the Golden Hours Press' Famous Tragedy of the Rich Jew of Malta 15321
Ravilious, James; Ravilious, Robin Heart of the Country 15266
Read, Herbert Design and Tradition: the Design Oration (1961) of the Society of Industrial Artists 15111
Reckitt, Rachel Three Wood Engravings By Rachel Reckitt for 'The Mill on the Floss', with Another Image Engraved Earlier on the Reverse of Two of the Blocks. 15387
Richards, Frances Remembering David Jones 15028
Risk, R. T. Why Potocki? 15109
Robichaud, Paul Making the Past Present: David Jones, the Middle Ages, and Modernism 15104
Rogers, Bruce et al B.R. Marks and Remarks. The marks by Bruce Rogers; The remarks by his Friends... 15218
Rogers, Bruce; Goudy, Frederic W. BR to FWG 15217
Rogerson, Ian Barnett Freedman. The Graphic Art 15323
Rooke, Noel Woodcuts and Wood Engravings 15295
Rossetti, William Michael (editor) The Germ: thoughts towards nature in poetry, literature, and art. Being a facsimile reprint of the literary organ of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, published in 1850. 15285
Roswitha, the Nun of Gandersheim Abraham. A Play 15097
Roswitha, the Nun of Gandersheim Callimachus. A Play 15095
Rothenberg, Jerome et al. Tetrad Pamphlets Volume 1: Numbers I-X 15054
Runciman, Steve Paradise Regained 15185
Ruskin, John Unto This Last 15318
Russell, A. G. B. The Letters of William Blake Together with a Life By Frederick Tatham 15175
Russell, Judith The Wood-Engravings of Gertrude Hermes 15251
Rutter, Owen The First Fleet. The Record of the Foundation of Australia from its Conception to Settlement at Sydney Cove 15312
Saint Dominic's Press Diary with Dominican Calendar and XII Wood-engravings 15129
Saint Dominic’s Press (The Akathistos Hymn). Ode in Honour of the Holy Immaculate Most Blessed Glorious Lady Mother of God and ever Virgin Mary... 15154
Sandeman, Christopher Thyme and Bergamot 15106
Sandeman, Christopher Thyme and Bergamot 15398
Sands, Ben The tragical death of a. applie pie : who as cut in pieces, and eaten by twenty-six little Villains 15051
Schmoller, Tanya Remondini and Rizzi: A chapter in Italian decorated paper History 15143
Schroder, John Catalogue of Books and Manuscripts by Rupert Brooke, Edward Marsh and Christopher Hassall 15020
Schroder, John Collecting Rupert Brooke 15070
Scollard, Clinton Sprays of Shamrock 15215
Scott, Thea Fingal's Cave 15112
Scott, Thea Fingal's Cave 15316
Sebastian, Carter; Will, Carter Rampant Lions Press: A Printing Workshop Through Five Decades - Catalogue 15058
Selsey, Edward So Far so Glad 15259
Shakespeare, William Shakespeare's Sonnets 15269
Shakespeare, William The Sonnets Of William Shakespeare 15034
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